[1.0.4] A Prisoner's Journal not dropping.

Bug Report
I have done the event that is suppose to drop the "A Prisoner's Journal" for the achievement "A Quick Study" (campaign > act 1) And I have done it multiple times in the past on all difficulties and recently about 5 or 6 times tonight on Inferno, neither the Tormented Behemoth or Merhan are giving me this lore book! Its the last one I need as well!
Still doing it. No news?
Just cleared this today and no Journal dropped. Is there a bug going on with it?
I'm having the same problem..
I ran it a few times on an alt and it dropped the first time. I believe the bug was that it dropped, you looted it and it didn't give you a check off on the achievement. Due to you only being able to loot the book once per character it won't drop.

So the solution.... get it on an alt.
This won't drop for me on any character, even brand new ones. Still bugged as of 3/21/14
Thought i would farm until it dropped. I'm on my 30th kill and nothing... must be a bug
Bumping. Tried farming on main, tried a new char, still no drop here. Is there anyone even paying attention to this bug? Any news on fixing it anytime soon or how to go about getting around this bug? I'm far from impressed that it's been an issue for this long for people and nothing being done about it.

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