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The system is telling me there is an error at login, code 3006.

I have tried restarting, and logging in over 10+ times. Still not working itself out. Nothing has changed on my pc. And I was in game 7 hours ago.
Same here, always 3006.
i'm having the same problem error 3006.
Same 3006
Also getting error 3006. Stuck at retrieving hero list.
same, ¬¬
Same here stuck at retrieving hero list then error 3006.
Same here. Exited the game last night, unable to log in this morning.
same crap here too, welcome back 3006
it seems this is a prroblem that happens every time they do an unschedled restart
same here! error 3006
Same error for me as well.

I then checked the Service Status [Read Only] forum and found that there is a post about maintenance this morning. It should have ended an hour ago, but perhaps it is still going on.
Same, gets stuck at retrieving hero list, then times out with error code 3006.
....and the server status page says that it's up in America...
Same ,also getting stuck at retrieving hero list,error 3006
error 3006 cannot retreiving hero list ,i think it has something to do with maintanance

8th attempted log in and 15 minutes of time and i'm now in

now getting a problem switching heroes

(error 3006) was on log in and now on actually switching characters
same here, tried relogging, restarting client, still 3006
Two different error 3006: first one timed out retrieving hero list, second one failed to change heros (whatever that means)

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