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Even after 3 hours the Error 3006 is happening to me. I even updated my Authenticator just in case that was the cause.
Same, just tried to log on for the first time today, Error 3006.
same. tried three times. then it let me in :)

gl hf :)
same. tried three times. then it let me in :)

gl hf :)

I just tried logging in for the first time today. I had to try about 10 times (alternating between checking the "remember account name" and not) and it eventually let me in.
Well, same here. Error 3006.
Experiencing 3006 error code as well.
i got in, switched characters then got booted out telling me error switching characters?
now i'm sitting at retrieving hero list.. grr
I'm getting the same error at login (error 3006). After I put in my authenticator code the login stops at retrieving hero list and after a short while I get "error 3006". Anyone?
same here
Happening for me as well, unchecking the remember account name box didn't help. "There was an error during game account logon. (Error 3006)
Just got past the first error, only to see "There was an error switching heroes. (Error 3006)"
same here. : (

I also love how a blue replys to all these post saying something like,.. 'we are aware of this problem & working to have a solution asap"
Same problem here. It happened earlier in the day; and then started working; but now it's broken again. 3006 error.
this is a sad joke that this game continues to have login problems when barely anyone plays it these days. oh how the mighty are falling
Same here, 5 hours later and still the same problem going on...

I get past hero list and then get a 3006

*edit* just tried yet again and got in
Was doing fine until I stupidly killed a Hardcore character. Deleted it and tried to create another - "error 3006". Tried a couple things like restarting my computer and unchecking save account name, no luck.
I'm getting the same Error msg. In fact since yesterday the server has been disconnecting me after 5-20 minutes. An explanation would be appreciated.
I'm having this issue as well.

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