Make profit with Jewelcrafting?

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It seems it is possible to make quite a lot of gold by crafting gems. I have found a nice guide & tips at .It seems to have also a cool gem calculator.
It's generally not profitable if you have to buy materials. Even if you farm materials, selling the flawless squares usually results in more profit than crafting up.
You better dam well know what you are doing, the market shifts rapidly. Atm there are only 2 gems with crafting profits, but there only in the 300k zone meaning the 30mins to craft it could be better used farming.

If you can figure out what you are doing there is tons of gold and RM with them, I have my own gems calc that gives me per break downs of every single gem cost vs sell ratios, and flipping. I wont lie I have made a crap ton with the gems, but I was one of the early ones who had all the patterns 1 week in. The money in them now is very tricky to make. As stated learn your !@#$ before you invest anything into this.
I did the math on this a week ago when I found 2 flawless star recipes. The cost of buying the square (or flawless square) gem + crafting them up and selling the flawless star, I would end up losing about 15% of the money I put into crafting them BEFORE the AH took it's 15% cut. Doesn't matter which type of gem it was, all of them were roughly the same amount of loss. Not worth it.
lol, 400gold--> 6000 gold for emerald.

i think your guide is outdated.
not one bit unless you have somehow farmed a lot without knowing and have accumulated tons then not knowing what to do with it.

crafting is way cheaper than actually buying but it's so not significant that you might as well buy it.

now profit selling, that's another thing. gem prices are so unstable and fluctuates like crazy.

so what now? is it impossible? not really. just need to have lots of gold to begin with.

you'd want to sell anything from flawless square status upwards.

it's not a big profit still. baby steps but can be done.

amethyst is the cheapest in square form, you'd want square form ones to begin with. amethyst is also the cheapest of all gems out there even its radiant star form is the lowest of all 4.

what you want to happen is get square form of anything then start making flawless square. farming in inferno helps since square/flawless square drops are common there.

now how to deal with the next step, the start form which costs 30k or more to make?

farm farm farm.

sorry for the long post but farming is way better than profiting from gems, although they are still an income, they're way more tricky. simple margin of spending 10,000 to earn 10,800 kind of thing.
sorry for another post but if you really desire going this route, i would suggest this:

each farm/run/AH sell(optional) the total of it, take 50% from it to buy gems to craft while saving the other 50% for future use.

what you want is to keep accumulating gems, square form, because buying flawless square form, regardless of the kind of gem, is just outrageous. sometimes double of the price of two square forms.

if you are doing well in inferno, then you have no problem accumulating square/flawless square form due to drops

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