EremiteAngel's Legendary drop log - post 1.04

Witch Doctor
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11/23/2012 07:07 AMPosted by EremiteAngel
Updated 23 Nov 2012

Nice Firebats gear! High AR!!!

How much you paid for that Skorn? 6% LS.

Hello I've added you and reserved the items for you =)

Thanks haha. Its not working out atm though. Can't do MP 6 without dying a few times now because I sacrificed too much vitality! TT
Saving up for Vitality + crit lacuni and Vitality + armor gloves now...

I bought my skorn for around 200M...dont really like the slow atk spd I'm definitely thinking of changing my items around a bit...maybe inna's pants and tal rasha's chest for more atk spd...
You're a very nice guy for doing this Eremite and I'm glad at least someone is finding lots of legendaries!

If you can't end up selling the Windforce #117 (currently marked as 1 million), my scoundrel sure could use it :)

Now if only I could find some Zuni pieces myself....

Sure I haven't been able to find a home for the bow yet so I'll reserve it for you =)
Rep for EremiteAngel thanks! Keep up the good work and good luck on finding that dual socket Manticore (unless they fixed that bug).
thanks nybble all the best on your drops too =)
Another rep for Eremite, thanks for your help!

My monk is finally able to kill things in a reasonable amount of time! And finally she's in act 3.

I hope some nice crit/vit lacunis drop for you.
Thanks JJokbob all the best for your runs too =)
Updated 26 November 2012
Updated 29 Nov 2012
Updated 2 December 2012
Updated 2 Dec 2012.

Ice climbers for sale. str boots. willing to let it go for 120M
Updated 3 Dec 2012
Updated 4 Dec 2012
Keep up the good work. Your drops are having better luck than mine :)

I'm still looking for my manajuma's knife with a socket and high DPS or any manajuma's for that matter.

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