EremiteAngel's Legendary drop log - post 1.04

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Updated 3 Nov 2012
Updated 3 Nov 2012
Updated 3 Nov 2012
Updated 4 Nov 2012.

On a side note, I bought a lifesteal skorn to try it out with cloud of bats after sayga pointed out that it works...

After testing on MP 1, it works, you can get life back doing it stutters badly against crowd control elites like those with natural knockbacks (tremors) and freeze and firechains because you can't cast CoB while they have u stunned...

I would think a LoH skorn would work better by combining acid cloud with CoB...because after casting acid cloud, even if you are frozen or knocked back, you can still continue to get life back for a short while...greatly increasing your survivability...

That said, I think it also depends on the playing much you use Cloud of bats to do damage - how much you throw yourself into the enemy mobs...
Updated 4 Nov 2012
Updated 4 Nov 2012
Updated 5 Nov 2012

Surprisingly someone bought my Nat Ring for 10M =D
How do you consistantly manage to find upgrades that I could use -_-

Items 76, 82 and 88 would upgrade my Barb

Item 81 would upgrade my Wiz

this is ridiculous haha
Updated 8 Nov 2012

as I go towards my 100th legendary drop...

Sry just checked the thread lol. I'll pass it to you when I catch you again assuming I still got the items.
Congrats when you get your 100th, i'm only at 36 haha
Updated 9 Nov 2012

4 more drops to go!

Somebody is rolling!
where did manajumas carving knife dropped for you?..
Updated 11 October 2012

Erm...I remember I had one knife drop in keeps level 2...that was my first knife drop so I remembered was off one of those elite porcupines...the needles dudes...

The other knife drops I had...can't remember =D
Could you check out my WD and tell me what needs improving please? Thanks.
Updated 10 Nov 2012...100th drop! a <100K valued tal rasha helm TT...but still great =D


Very decent life regen/armor/Allres build with decent crit chance and crit dmg. For even better survivability, since you are using acid cloud, some Life on Hit on weapon or ammy or ring or pants might work very well.

Also I would advise getting some movement speed to help with the farming =D Can get on the pants/chest/bracers/boots. but cap is 24%

I'm guessing you should have little problems farming lower MP levels which is good since they drop valuable legendaries and rares too. all my valuable drops so far are from MP 0 haha...
I don't know if it means anything at all, but when me and my neighbor play, we've gotten 3 Manajuma's carving knives between us. EVERY LAST ONE of them dropped in the keep lvl 2...
Updated 11 Nov 2012.

Shout goes out to Projax for his awesome speed farm guide.
3 legendaries dropped in 2 pretty quick runs...
Alright, thanks! I'll get to work on it right away.

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