Sky Splitter smite damage number and details?

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What does the smite do? I can't find for the life of me info anywhere on how the smite functions, and I keep seeing people saying different things. Likewise, I can't even find a video on youtube showing it off. Some people say it stuns, some say it does damage, and some say it does both. What I'm concerned about is what is the amount of damage it does? I've heard numbers ranging from 2k to 50k before crit (and yes, I've heard that it can crit) Anyone have info on the damage numbers for this?
I ve been wondering the same thing.

It's a pity information is nowhere to be found :(

Says smite = 1.5 stun, anyone that can confirm?
I can't find any info on this either (other than Voices' link above.) Now, the game has been out for what; 5-6 months? And still there's no info on what exactly smite does? I'd like to think that the advanced tooltips should at least explain what a weapon specific proc actually does. Hell the Diablo wiki-like guide on the official Blizzard website should at least have a brief explanation on such things.

I 'm not upset or anything, just a bit puzzled.
i think the smite also reduces the damage from mobs under the effect...i base this on the fact that with my spec and how it works i buff from just over 50k damage to more than 90k damage along with 24% WKL and 13% increase to sweeping wind off of my madstone reflect damage no longer kills me...before i had my sky splitter i had a crystal fist...after changing my shoulders to drop just a bit of dex for a bit of vital to make up for what i lost on the switch to sky splitter i ended up with a gain of 3k damage and a loss of about 6k HP leaving me at 29k down from 36k with the axe...on a test run of the sky splitter the reflect damage affix no longer seemed to be nearly as devistating...with the crystal fist i really felt some pain from reflect damage...and it would very often kill splitter appeared to basicly nullify the effect. i felt no added difficulty from the affix of reflect damage after an increase in over all dps and IMO it added a major increase in survivability

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