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I took a break from Diablo 3 for a month or so and decided to come back to see whats changed. To my surprise I was unable to access my primary character who is level 32 the reason being that my Diablo 3 account is only a Starter Edition.

I purchased the game via the WoW annual pass offer and now I am being asked to repurchase again? I sincerely hope that this is some mistake that can be corrected if not Blizzard may be loosing a customer who has been loyal for over a decade.
This was not a mistake on Blizzard's end. It is an issue with a failed subscription payment on your end. The Annual Pass was not a "purchase". Players paid nothing when they signed the contract. The Annual Pass was an agreement to keep paying your subscription each billing period for a year.
The World of Warcraft Annual Pass is a limited-time offer that provides you with a free copy of the highly anticipated Diablo III, access to the beta test for the next World of Warcraft expansion, and Tyrael's Charger, an exclusive in-game mount for the associated World of Warcraft account, when you agree to a 12 month World of Warcraft subscription commitment.

The subscription options were:

1. Every month for 12 payments
2. Every 3 months for 4 payments
3. Every 6 months for 2 payments (depending on when the billing cycle hits it could bill a 3rd time before 365 days are up)
4. There was no 1 year subscription option.

Your issue is that your subscription payment failed, meaning you did not uphold your end of the agreement. To fix this you will need to contact Billing and Account Support to fix the payment issues and have the rewards restored.

To contact them please use the Support link at the top of the website. Slect D3 as the product > I have an issue with a purchase or payment > My issue is not listed here. From there you can put in a ticket or, if they are open, use Live Chat or Phone.

EDITED to update with current Support contact methods (3 May 2013)
With all due respect, i had the same situation happen to me. However, i was paying my monthly WoW payments and Blizz still took the game and mount away. [profanity removed]

In looking at your account records, the World of Warcraft annual pass program payment method lapsed back on 10/25/2012 resulting in the game being downgraded to a Starter Edition. It doesn't appear you really played it much prior to that though. Since you've made additional payments since then, it looks like all you'd need to do is contact us and we'll re-enable the account and remove the Starter status. You could have done that back in December when you made the next Wow payment too.

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