Error 73 cant log in!

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Help please!

I don't believe I've ever seen an error 73? Are you sure that's the code you're getting? At what point during the login process do you get it?

Edit - looks like a 73 can happen if the severs are temporarily busy, have you tried again?
I just logged out then when i logged back in i cannot log in! there is a temporary outage of battle net service error 73
ya still trying getting the same error :( restarted my pc.. i wonder why, it is working perfectly a while ago.

It may be a regional issue with communications as you're playing on US servers from overseas. Try again in 10-15 minutes or you might try connecting to another region too to see if it connects there or not.
same situation here, has been 10 min
Tried it on asia server, still the same.. :( help..
Viking same here bro... helpp.. :(
Viking did you change something on your account security?
no, just logged in forum with authenticater, thats all, u?
re attach my authenticator, change email.. but after that i can still login and everything is working fine.. until now i cant login
I am good now
necro much? and error 73 here too
Same here, error 73
Kicked from the US server about 30min ago and still getting "error 73"
Uhhg authenticator problems luv them.
Same error - just tried loggin on.
Can you tell us what is going on and when we can expect to be able to logon? This is pretty frustrating, especially when we have not seen one blue post explaining anything yet.

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