Error 73 cant log in!

Technical Support
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hmmm... necro thread...
Im getting error 73 as well, i was able to log into Europe region, but i have no characters there, so it must be an America region problem
Ya I was playing and got kicked out then tryed to log back in and am getting the error 73. My brother in the same house with the same internet but without the authenticator can log in but takes a couple of mins.
same as Morg
/sigh please don't make me go outside...
I am currently stuck on authenticating credentials , I was able to log into Europe but so far error 3003
same problem here error 73..... could not log in US server
error 73 :( i cant logiiiiin T.t
error 73 as well est
Hello, I keep getting the same error ever after retrying every minutes the last 15 minutes....

Could we get some feedback?

Thanks !
error 10 for me
error 73 here too.
error 73 for 10 mins try
wtf going on man
Error 73 as well for me. I have waited for 30+ min. Would like to hear some tech support.....
Error 73 over here, been trying for about 15 min.
I'm not able to log in, either. I was logged in to the game a little over 30min. ago, but was booted / disconnected. Been trying to log back on pretty frequently since. Continually getting the message:

There was an error during account logon. (error: 3003)


+ location: SoCal
+ Playing on the America servers.
having the same problem here... Europe works fine but not americas server...

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