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I know hardly anything about how to get things done right using computers. I just wanna play this game, in all it's awesomeness, cool effects and graphics spewing right into my brain. However, this is the first game I've ever tried to play on my own PC, I'm normally on the xbox but was really looking forward to D3 because I dabbled on D2 when I was younger and had lots of fun with it. I need advice on how to get the framerate up while I play. I have all the graphics on the lowest possible settings, and parts of the game are still hard for my to play efficiently because it's hard to click on what I want, and actually SEE what's going on at all times, not broken up bits and pieces of the action. Some parts of the game are worse than others, sometimes the gameplay is smooth in the less extensively designed maps. Can anyone give me advice on how to check to see where I'm at, as far as system requirements, and then where I should be at and how to get there. Thanks so much for your time.
Forget it, thanks for nothing.
Erm, system specs?

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