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Great idea man !!! Love it !!!

Its so stupid now ... all DH are clones, not to mention they look so boring and stupid (nat, inna, andariel/mempo, vile wards)

Imagine this in pvp ... hehe ...

Plz Blizz let us change the look of our characters!!!
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Some of the end game sets look extremely ugly. Some look like identical to early game items. Wish they could look coller or some way to cuztomize char appearance.
Vile Ward look super ugly to me...wish i could vanish them with invisible dye.........or change it's looks......

Even block the face of my character in menu.

How " clever " a design is....
Bumping this.
Awesome ideas
Aion and many other mmorpgs allow players to remodel their armor using skins. Some low level skins are so nice and players actually pay millions just to remodel their high lvl armor.

^^ I don't mind having this feature.
+1 for this.
Well, they probably wouldn't implement drop-down menus because they'd consider it a lot of work. Instead, for that 5th (Appearance) tab, they'd clone your gear slots (because they'd be reusing code functionality).Then the requirement is that you could buy/find any piece of gear and slot into that 5th tab in order to define your toon's look. Of course, the item would only affect your appearance, and its stats would be ignored.So gear slotted into the 5th Appearance tab would override the look of whatever gear you actually have slotted. For empty Appearance tab slots, you'd see what your toon actually has slotted.

This sounds like a good idea. My DH looks fine as of now but thats cause I refused to use any legendaries that spoilt her looks. Having one ridiculous looking barb is enough as it is.
Bump, give the op a like please.
Bump. High level Demon Hunters should be able to wear hoods without sacrificing stats.
The stronger my wizard becomes, the stupider he looks.

Blizzard please take notice!
This is a great idea. Bump!
It makes no visual sense for a level 10 hero to walk around in Archon armor, for example..

have you looked at a sorceress in abyssal dyed black archon armor yet?

have you?

if i could have had that look on her at lvl 1, 2, 3, or 10 I wouldnt have had to lvl one high enough to dress her up as eyecandy.
bump. plz comment blue!
+2 no love out there?
Great idea..... Blizzard?
i need to vanish my vile ward.

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