Crafting 6 property items

dutch, i sent you a request to add as friend but ur offline

we can do this later


what now? cry moar?

johnny i know your reading this u little douche

johnny stay in act 1....its the only thing u can do

other people saying Johnnytang being a scum bag

edit: my account was also compromised shortly
vouch, crafted me 10 and i got a GFG barb shoulder.
crafting 100 for another person right now on stream!!
legit crafter, made 100 with him
sorry guys im not doing this for free for RICH PEOPLE ONLY TO GET RICHER

im only here to help the poor get free crafts

if your trying to use me to make money

get lost

only here to give back to the community and people that are helpful to each other
jj is legit, turned on stream without me asking
crafted me 20 and offered me cheaper tomes than ah when i ran out of mats
definitely one of the best in the community, thanks
JJ crafted me this helm which i recently sold for 12million:

I will continue to use him into the future

adding new 6 property plan

1 handed crossbow
JJ just crafted me four shoulders. He put the stream on and there was no problem with it, he dealt with my never-had-anybody-craft-me-stuff idiocy with no worries, and it was (from my point of view) quick, simple and efficient (or, at least, he was. I was a blumbering mess of 'why the f am I walking over here when I'm trying to click the gold box in the trade window'). As far as I can tell JohnnyTang is just a guy with some grudge.
is crafting 6 prop items worth i tried a coup1e and they were straight bunk junk?

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