TL 2 - bored after 10mins of gameplay

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i got bored, i'm playing ember mage and all i can hear is, your MANA IS LOW!!
Step 1: Disable low resource notifications in settings.
Step 2: Carry more mana pots.
step 3: Profit?
Bored after 10 minutes? Wow. You must have uninstalled Diablo III after logging in then, if that's your attention span :)
err i'm level 44 paragon in d3.
The game is a bit slow in the first Act but seems to pick up later on.
Yeah well, torchlight 2 is not spamming skills all the way. Basic attack is useful too.
Oh the noes! A game where you have a resource pool that can actually run out, instead of everything relying on being able to perform a skill once every x seconds.
Don't get me wrong, cooldowns can be fun in a game to, but pissing on tl2 just because they have a different way of dealing with skills is just biased.

You literary just started TL2 to be able to be snarky and sarcastic on the forum, give it a shot, it's good.

I am at the Yetis in act 1 now, just defeated the big minotaur looking thing and saved the weird water creature (writing this at work, I want to go home an f'ckng PLAY!). So far I think it's awesome, but I'll reserve judgment until I've played it some more.

I just realized I have "invested" in this games characters, that is I actually CARE about having saved the water creature.
I guess the op hasn't seen the charge mastery skill,invest points in it and your charge builds quicker,in turn you can cast spells for the duration of the effect for free(also get a 25% damage bonus on top of any other bonuses on skills).This has helps solve the mana burn,use your head.
09/20/2012 11:16 PMPosted by leahzirch
err i'm level 44 paragon in d3.

Hey OP, are you going for world's first Paragon Level 100 that used no Ruby in the Helm???
Maybe it is a bad time to point out that Boredom stems from internal issues and not external issues.

In D3 boredom sets in because the player just cannot handle farmiong for 1000+ hours, which is a clear shame. People need to be able to tolerate repitition ad nauseum.

As far as your "no mana" thing. Errr. Mana vials? little blue thingies laying on the dungeon floor? Err. See, the idea is, you pick those up, and drink one when you get low. Kinda like the red vial thingies you prolly didn't pick up either.

D3 is the only game that heals you as you fight (health globes). Its a sad day for gamers when that happened as people forget that they have to take care of themselves.
lol if you're bored after 10 mins don't play. d3 you got to endgame right regardless of how boring level 1-10 was considering you could barely use anything haha. good one sir. oh noes did i leak some valuable information about d3? at least i found a unique item in torchlight 2 that's a level 9 item.... what?

i think tl2 is too complicated for you.
don't know what a mana potion does.
dont know what your function bar does.
doesn't know what a normal attack is too used to probably using spectral blades or some other primary skill.
probably won't ever reach the point where you have to use maybe 8 skills at a time and still utilizing potions while dodging hordes of random shockwaves emitting from an enemy
i'm bored this took 10 mins to write while iw as busy tabbing and reading other funny articles like this
You were bored after 10mins? Well HOLY crap I was bored after the first 10 seconds of scanning your horribly thought out thread.

Go troll someone elses Forums, we're trying to save people from D3 here.
Getting bored quickly is a legitimate excuse. Games from the start are suppose to enthrall the player and make them want more. However its possible players can make mistakes and get confused as they're new and all. Like not carrying mana potions.

My brother got bored of D3 after 20min. Has never gone back to it.

If you find issues with a game, look those issues up with other players (usually on THEIR forums, not others) and work it out.
09/20/2012 11:16 PMPosted by leahzirch
err i'm level 44 paragon in d3.

You're just another fail diablo 3 fanboy who is too blind to see good gameplay and acts like an 8 year old....
Haha, sounds like one big L2P issue for the OP. This is the type of person that D3 aimed for :P
09/20/2012 11:03 PMPosted by leahzirch
i got bored, i'm playing ember mage and all i can hear is, your MANA IS LOW!!

hmmm, but you're not bored with "need arcane power" >.<

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