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The AMD graphics drivers in 10.8.2 have been updated from version 8.0.51 to 8.0.61. Has anyone seen improvements in performance or any retrogressions?

Also, here's something possibly new I noticed. 3/10 of the OpenGL 3.3 Extensions are now supported under 10.8.2, 0/10 were supported under 10.8.1 if I recall correctly. Can someone still running 10.8.1 confirm if I'm right (use OpenGL Extension Viewer from the App Store to tell)?
that driver version is actually not important btw, that's just OS X's kext version

the meaningful version number is this one

AMD5000Controller 8.0.61 11612<----this signifies the ATI version number, not the apple one.

You can get that version number off any of the specific controlers.

same for Nvidia drivers.

As for opengl features features, I did notice the small update to CORE profile. I don't recall any change to compatability profile though (which is what D3 uses). As far as i can tell no performance changes either. Just minor bugfixes in nvidia drivers. I don't even know of any bugfixes in ati drivers.

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interesting, thanks for the version number info, does 11612 mean anything other then "higher number means newer"?
lol, saw your post on SC2 forums, thanks
the number after apples version number, is what build it's based off of in atis end, the nvidia ones are easier to understand since you can match em to windows version to see how far behind we are. ati ones i suspect are more of a svn/git number and yeah all we really know is higher is newer, harder to compare where we stand vs windows version though
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Very interesting, I was wondering if it related back to the Windows version. That's cool to know!
Both games (D3 & SC2) after the update are below 20fps :(
After the updates, did you reste your SMC and see if this helps?

Resetting the SMC

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