PVP - 'Pound of Flesh'

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I hope this never, ever gets implemented.You suck, and you should feel bad.

Come on people! Can't you see we need a little something more to do in PVP? Something fun?
I would have other people pay me to intentionally lose pound of flesh fights.
09/20/2012 10:45 AMPosted by DeadRu
Stopped reading the wall of drivel at WAGER DUEL.

^^ This... I want Arena pvp.. Just about everyone.. no scratch that EVERYONE I play this game with wants Arena... it is the only reason all of us even bought D3.. was b/c this was promised to us.. too bad they dropped the bomb pretty late in the beta about there not actually being pvp for some time.
i do agree pvp needs to be something new.... but most of your ideas are pretty half witted.
I am not a hardcore advocate of pvp in ARPGs. I am not a hardcore PvPer. In MMOs (no longer playing) I PvP because I RP. I cannot be on one side of a war and then bow to you and greet you.

This makes me smile ear to ear and I would actually partake of it when ARPG PvP is really not my thing.

I love every part of this idea, sure it would need refinement, but if people wanted to wager let them, and the carrot on stick offering is actually enticing.

If this doesn't hit D3, I plan to Yoink it for a Mod for another ARPG I also play.

To those against it. As an Optional setting how does it hurt you? If it gives other people a reason to care about PvP in D3 how does it hurt you if you PvP at all? Obviously so long as it was optional and came AFTER the planned PvP you all have been waiting for?

If it got more people who do not play Hostile in ARPGs to PvP and thus increased the PvPer pool how would it hurt as an OPTION? I just cannot see how.

Like the idea of exp wagers. Pound of flesh sounds like a HIGHLY exploitable concept that will never see the light of day in any game, in any form, ever.
I like this idea
Guys ... thank you. To the one's who support it and to the one's who hate it. Thanks for your 2 cents. I just want to get the conversation going before PVP becomes just another underdeveloped idea.

I love this game and I hate to see more players walk away before it reaches it's potential.

09/22/2012 09:53 AMPosted by Cailieg
As an Optional setting how does it hurt you?

Thank you Terenceloar
Good post. bump for justice
09/22/2012 06:46 PMPosted by TheOroboros
Good post. bump for justice

Thanks Oroboros!
Hey, this sounds fun...
Fun is not compatible with Diablo 3 !

Thank you. truly yours

Hey, this sounds fun...Fun is not compatible with Diablo 3 !Thank you. truly yoursJW

09/20/2012 10:35 AMPosted by Dax
Waging paragon xp is an interesting idea but what would the winner do with it if they were already PL100 ? With that in mind it would be helpful if you could use the "winnings" to buy something else - perhaps trade chanks of Paragon XP for some other currency that you spend at a vendor ? (In a sense like honour points from WoW that you buy PvP gear with)

the paragon xp you win, comes to you as a potion. which you can sell on ah or use on an alt.
eg: potion of 10mil paragon xp. potion of 100mil paragon xp.
As I said in the other thread: The problem is: the second you make duels with betting you open a massive can of worms.

- Hacks?
- 1v1 Balance issues?
- Scams and cheating?
- Hustling operations?
- Incredible motivation for harassment and intimidation?

All of these begin to appear the second you not only allow one player to benefit from breaking the duel system, but also give them a way to sabotage the experience of others.

TL/DR: Interesting idea, but the game isn't ready for it yet.

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