variation of sprit/ww build for skorn users

been testing some different builds as we all know by now the problem with using a 2h for ww/sprint build is fury regen it just sucks so testing out some other builds i came up with what im using now

instead of ww im using rend took off wotb witch slows things down a bit but due to rend ticking away i never have to go back and check on mobs to make sure there dead. Overall its not much slower and i can still get about 60-70m exp p/h for getting out of bad stuff i use leap iron impact

i cant say for sure how well it will work at lower dps/gear levels but the whole point of useing a skorn is for crazy high damage so figure most people with one should be ok

let me know what you think or if you have any improvements on the build or any other builds for that matter that work great with a 2h weapon i just swapped from 2 one handers a couple of days ago

edit build is in myprofile

instead of ww im using rend took off wotb witch slows things down a bit but due to rend ticking away i never have to go back and check on mobs to make sure there dead. O

so you don't loot ? lol -_-

This build isn't well thought out. People need to stop trying to mash Skorn together with the WW build.

Skorn's high dps and slow attack speed = less overall attacks, less tornadoes = far lower fury generation

Rend doesn't always crit. and when it doesn't thats 5 seconds of bleeding with no crits for fury

No wrath of the berserker means lower movespeed, lower defenses, lower crit, and lower dmg , and lower fury generation

If you really want to use Sprint at all in a Skorn build, just use the Marathon rune ( 50% movespeed for 5 seconds )
ROFL @ Skorn's damage. I bet there's some nerd out there that would pay $250 for it.
i only loot legendarys but thats just me i figure whites drop such little loot im not worried about seeing them die i make sure to watch the elites die

@jim i know this skorn is awsome haha won it on a bid for 25m also if you find that guy that will buy it for $250 send him my way i would be happy to sell ^_^
Man that Skorn's damage is LEET.

I can't remember the thread but someone posted the stats on like 40 legendary drops and 36 of them were from elites and 2 from treasure goblins so that means two dropped from white mobs. It seems to me that you will see more legendaries in your bag by skipping white mobs and not worrying about the very small chance that you miss an occasional legendary drop from them.
@Darmival vs other 2h builds this is a bout 2x faster for me and like i said its not much slower then when i was doing dw yes there are problems with fury regen but i cant say i have much problems so not sure how its not "well thought out" give it a try

im not saying its better then the standard ww/sprit build but its a good way to increase your farming speed while using a 2h weapon i can always swap back to using 1h's if i want

but rather then just saying its bad tell me how to improve it saying using marathon leaves me with no fury and having to stop and kill whites more often then i do now (tryed it) as for wotb with a 2h there is no point from what i can tell to have it since you cant keep it up forever but due to things dieing faster with out wotb up its not as huge of a loss as i thought it would be

my time for my normal run went from 10 min to 12 min i know its a big loss but not crazy its more of a play style issue for me i just like having a 2h so trying to make it work as best i can and passing info along to help others
bump to see if anyone has any tweaks on the build
Just wait till 1.05 when you'll be able to boost up monster hp and then Skorns will probably overtake dual wields.
ya if mobs had tons more hp i might be able to run normal ww spec but 1/2 shoting things in tornadoes isnt to bad just doesnt have the fury regen of smaller hits but at least i got my atack speed to match any mace/axe 1.34 atm

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