Kotaku: Torchlight II Vs. Diablo III

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Torchlight II Vs. Diablo III: The Comparison We Had To Make

LOL even Kotaku thinks Torchlight 2 is superior to Diablo 3 in EVERY category.
No surprise there.
What is kotaku? Wtf is this stupidly biaised "comparison"? The screenshot at the top of the screen is pretty much enough to know which is the better game.

Pre-ordained skill trees? What? This guy doesn't even know about elective mode and is talking about D3?
09/19/2012 05:46 PMPosted by Harteman
What is kotaku?

Really? New to the internet or just gaming?

Oddly enough I have found a large number of players on both Diablo 3 and WoW are completely oblivious to the entire games industry outside of Blizzard products.

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