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This topic has been posted numerous times but i still have to say though, the #1 thing holding me back from getting the upgraded full game is the Stat point allocation. I have been a fan of Diablo franchise since i was 7, so i do go way back with diablo's 1 and 2. I know the games development was intent on making it simpler to level up; but i feel not having a choice to choose your stats to boost is taking away from a huge game dynamic in character diversity. I know items and gems are required to boost stats. but i feel that the auto allocation will cause me to lose a lot of intended bonuses i would want for a specific build and to me it takes the feeling of individualism away from my character and i. Here is a list of what i mean.

Auto level Pros: You cant mess up, its easier to build and maintain a character if you are unfamiliar with rpgs.

Auto level Cons: Item based, cant allocate points if you intend to do a hybrid build.

Stat alloc Pros: You can build any character you want at your own risk. Different attributes create uniqueness and individualism depending on allocation you can be way stronger or weaker than 1 player or another 1 it allows experimentation to create the perfect char. (separates skilled players from new comers)

Stat alloc Cons: If you have an undesired effect from experimentation you have to re-spec or remake.

You all may agree to disagree but, Stats determine the style of play, build and effectiveness of a character and the uniqueness of an individual playing not items IMO. If you want to make a vita tank barb fine, or a glass cannon animal with no vita and pure strength awesome to. Couple that with the bonuses you can find on armor and it will make 1 player better or worse than the other if they have the exact same gear vs the auto level system where every char is a carbon copy. All i ask is that you give us a choice to choose how we use are stats upon level up, if you can pick them yourself or choose the auto level option than you get the best of both worlds and both casual and elite players will be happy.

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