Echoing Fury in-game DPS display bugs ??

Bug Report
I have been using the DPS calculator from Asiangamer website to see if my DPS increase can outweigh the gold cost before I invest gold into a big upgrade. And yes I bought an Echoing Fury of awesomeness, you guys can check my monk for it.

But now I am a little frustrated because the DPS increase displayed in game is much lower than what i have seen in the Asiangamer DPS calculator where I input 0.25 into both "+APS" cells for both weapons.

My DPS is 136868 in game and this number is exactly the same as if I ONLY input 0.25 into the "+APS" cell for my Echoing Fury but not my Fist. This means the official in-game DPS calculator only takes into account the +APS from Echoing Fury for itself, not my Fist. Furthermore, I did notice that my Fist AS went from 1.79 to 2.11 (in game details), and this 2.11 AS is confusing because this number is the exact number when you add the 0.25 +APS to the base AS of my Fist.

So there is a conflict between the DPS display and details display, or is it a bug?? Any Blizzard guy can investigate the problem so it will be fixed in upcoming patches? Thanks for reading this.

This display bug should be fixed so ppl who already stick to EF can feel better.

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