Gheed! Selling 63 Unids and Jewelries

I've heard people said they like to gamble and a Gheed is needed!
I am going to sell the 63 unids as I find them and update the stocks.
Drops came from A3.

Current stocks:

[4] Archon Boots - 150k
[4] Archon Chest - 150k
[2] Archon Crown - 150k
[-] Archon Gloves - 150k
[4] Archon Pants - 150k
[4] Archon Shoulders - 150k
[5] High Scabbard (Belt) - 150k
[2] Razorspikes (Bracers) - 150k
[7] Sacred Shield - 10%(50k),11%(55k),13%(65k),14%(70k),16%(80k),2x18%(125k)

[-] Arch Axe (1H Axe) - 150k
[-] Centurion Spear (1H Spear) - 150k
[1] Demolisher (1H Mace) - 150k
[1] Desolator Wand (Wiz 1H) - 175k
[2] Darkblade (Dagger) - 175k
[8] Exorcist (1H Xbow) - 3 for 100k
[6] Heaven Hand (Monk Fist) - 125k
[-] Rune Sword (1H Sword) - 150k
[-] Slayer (Barb Mighty) - 250k

[4] Decapitator (2H Axe) - 100k
[3] Doom Hammer (2H Mace) - 100k
[3] Dread Lance (2H Polearm) - 100k
[2] Guru Staff (2H Monk) - 50k
[3] Hellion Crossbow - 100k
[5] Revenant Bow (2H Bow) -125k
[7] Sovereign Staff (2H Staff) - 3 for 100k
[4] Warlord Sword (2H Sword) - 100k

[2] Demi Lich (62 Wiz Source) - 75k
[3] 62 WD Offhand - 75k
[4] 62 Quiver - 75k

[-] 62 Amulet - 600k
[5] 61 Amulet - 200k
[5] 60 Amulet - 100k
[2] 62 Ring - 350k
[5] 61 Ring - 125k
[4] 60 Ring - 75k

*Let me know if you need something specific and I will reserve them for you.

Not everyone is a nerd and farm 24/7. Please keep my thread clean. Thx
This is such a bad deal.

Just FYI for anyone, for example -- for a 350k unid amulet to be worthwhile, you would have to expect that say, 1 in 10 amulets will sell for AT LEAST 3.5 million (not even including the 15% tax) in order to justify the price. In reality, most of these unids will be garbage and you will probably lose money (marginal items do not sell on the AH). These prices would have to be cut by 50-75% to represent a true value to the buyer.

If you still want to buy unid stuff, please add me. I will sell the same items for 10% less than whatever GodMode is offering to sell them at.
Please stop BMing my thread.

BTW, people sell and buy unids all over d2jsp. Not everyone farm with 200+ mf gear.
tbh i was just trolling him a bit about the swapping

his unids are actually very cheap compared to the going rate

ive sold tons at 200k per

hhehehe tolloloing the OP. I agree, 150k per archon is lower than the going rate. You could buy and flip if you were patient
I'm already on your flist but when you get on i'll take your two Slayers.
And if discounts on buying multiples, I'll buy more stuff.
I'm already on your flist but when you get on i'll take your two Slayers.
And if discounts on buying multiples, I'll buy more stuff.

Sorry I dont have you on the list or didn't receive your invite. Unless you have another tag.
We can discuss discount on mulitiples =)
Just made a bulk trade, updated whats left. Will restock later when I get to farm again.

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