Leoric's signet farm log - Finally!!!

pics or it didnt happen ^^
grats to OP
still grinding for that ring, wish me luck
Got it! I am so happy now 'cause I will not need to buy one overpriced ring from ah.

grates on the find.. im still struggling to find it.. found 8 legendaries so ar.. in the past 4hrs been only doing sewers (50+ run thus far).. still no sign of legends.. =(
OMG...First Run doing the Start point of Lieutenant Vachem I got a perfect 30% roll signet in the Cistern. I have been farming it on and off since 1.04. If I had to guess how many hours farmed I would say between 15 and 20.
Grip, grats. What Mp level did yours drop in?
I found one in the Ruined Cistern during my first run on mp10. No NV and 100% MF.
I'm here to report my own drop aswell.

After 4 days of farming, a few hours every day ( about 14 - 15 hours together ) a got my ring in the Ruined Cistern aswell. Dropped from a white regular monster with 5 NV, 451% MF at the time.

Note, that on my journey after the signet, I found the most legendary items in Dhalgurs Oasis and from the purple unique monsters, including the keywarden. Once he dropped 2 legendaries at once. i didn't found any legendary in the 2 floor dungeon with the spiders with the blue cave entrance ( sry forgot the name ).

Legendaries together - 27

My route for the 1st three days was the following - VoTA until 5NV, port to oasis clear everything and restart.

Last day of farming - Sewers , Road to Alcarnus , Path to Oasis/Ruined Cistern and finally Dhalgurs Oasis. Sometimes i tried to start with Oasis and clear the sewers and cistern as the last area.

Avarage run time - 13 minutes

Character used - DH

12%movespeed boots used + Tactical advantage passive + 15 % movespeed passive

I had my templar always with myself.

Hope these informations helps.

Oh almost forgot.... my ring was a 31str 25 % so pretty avarage, nothing special nothing bad. Tried to level up with that on inferno but my DPS suffered a lot with my DH so i decided to put it on the AH for 40kk and equip a better ring so I can clear elite packs even faster.
if that's how you wanna farm.


congrats on the find
Didn't find my ring yet, but developed a fun way of farming it.
If you have high-lvl monk, equip him with 12% movement speed boots+lacuni prowlers+that 2-hand mallet for 12% movement speed with good dps (sorry, dont remember it's name) + inna's temperance + fleet footed passive. Take vengeance mantra with rune that deals dmg to everyone around you, so now you just run around like you have a swarm of wasps in your pants and everything dies around you. avg. run time ~ 8 min. (can be less, I suppose, but I just didn't try to optimize my farming path yet).
That's just unreal.

I was farming for the ring since last night. I did about 5 runs of VoTA and Dalghur Oasis.

For some reason on resume I spawned in the Forgotten Ruins in the Oasis. I minimized the game and googled "Leoric Signet farming" and I got this thread. I started playing again thinking I'm going to head to the Stinging Winds after I clear this.

BAM!!! First elite drops a ring 31 Int, 21% and a Aquila Cuirass (the 4th since last night)
Um...some people don't HAVE the 20 mil to go spend on the signet. If there are some people that want the signet and they can't buy it because of their gold level, they have to find it. DUH!
just wanna share some info for those struggling to find it..I've found mine in a chest inside forgotten ruins..had 5nv stacks..475% magic find..i did 9 runs..it was worth it.
ok, this is just ONE dump of stuff... I have been looking for this ring for a while now.

Here is just a few days of trying... 6-10 runs each day


Since this pic (2 weeks ago) i have emptied full loads of legends 2 more times.
Not sure what i am doing wrong... but W T F already!!! lol give me that dang ring!!!
baaahhh!! i got it lol the next run after that post... finally. int + 25% im happy with that
fyi you can pay 5m gold for mp10 uber service on SC, where they provide the machines, carry you, and you get hellfire ring.. just sayin'
i was doing a solo run with my lvl 22WD (at that time) dropped a leorics ring. 28str - 28%
you do realize getting that extra exp bonus also reduces your dps and defense, making u farm slightly slower and slightly less safe, even if you are overgeared for what you farm, it still applies all the same.

and 24 hours cant farm 20m in inferno? i get that much just by picking up gold from the ground and vendoring rares

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