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@superaznsj very nice monk, i recently broke up the Inna's set and the cost of sweeping winds is throwing me off! None the less your gear is awesome! I recommend trying a WH out, the IAS is good.

get a witching hour with poison resist, you'll see an improvement, look in to tals chest, it has the IAS on it and it can roll dex, IMO better than the extra dex from the inna's.
@ Ghost nice snb monk, I would upgrade the Ammy for the next upgrade.

will have babies for your rings

anyone have thought on the crystal fist of the fist of azutarro (whatever the hell its called) as viable weapons
@Bigscary pink,

I haven't seen anyone run crystal first, but some have run the first of azutarro for high dps and snb type.
@iamhero nice gear, nice rings too. If I had to recommend something to improve on it would be your wrist other than that pretty nice!
Good. If your Nat boot had 170+dex it would be even better.

wow, so hard to find any fault with your toon!
suggest crafting new shoulders to get more dex, probably can fit another 50-100 dex on that shoulder whilst keeping the rest of the other stats, but will take a while.

Moving off OWE is too rich for my blood :(

Nice gear ! I'm really jealous of your off hand.

Did you tried switching bracers ? A good crafted one could probably boost your dps by 10k ish.
i need some advice for an overall upgrade: dps, life steal & vit : budget 50M-75M.
you didn't rate the monk above you, so I'm skipping you.

Your vitality is very dependent on Blackthorne's. 499/657 vit is from that set. Upgrading them, would mean a lot of adjustments on your other gears as well and if you can manage to get more AR, you might be able to drop you OWE. Having thunderclap and backlash doesn't synergies good, If you wanna go backlash try getting more crit chance and crit damage, but if you're just using thunderclap for it's mobility and DR for your main attack then that's fine.

Spots for upgrade: HF ring, ammy, more LS

Rating: 7.5/10
Want to get to 200k unbuffed dps. Currently got roughly 60mil im willing to spend any tips would be great.

Edit: I don't feel i'm knowledgeable enough at this game to rate/give advice yet, so i'm going to opt out.
@will 6 upgrade all gems.

I'm currently trying backlash, would you mind to elaborate on why thunderclap and blacklash doesn't synergies good ?

Seeing as how you have forgone the 2set inna's I suggest looking for a new nats ring with CC for sure and with either or average damage and CD.

BTW I just got above 200k unbuffed yesterday :D
as a monk, hitting 200k unbuffed without having any crit chance on the helm, that's a record.
however your ehp is low, and so is your sustain.
I have to give you a 8/10
03/24/2013 11:12 PMPosted by mTeasdale
I'm currently trying backlash, would you mind to elaborate on why thunderclap and blacklash doesn't synergies good ?

The knockback on thunderclap does make enemies cancel their attack giving you less chance to proc your backlash, but then if you're just using backlash to supplement while you're attacking a main target then it should be fine.
DR and CW are better choice for backlash users.
i need some advice except for lvling
03/25/2013 07:43 AMPosted by Deathroyalty
i need some advice except for lvling

Only thing left for you to do is spend more $ and get that 9/6 mempo, that duped 9/6/35 nats mark, and a better EF.

Also, so you where the one who bought that overpriced amulet.


Why didnt you just buy that ancient serpent/honor apex which is much more better, and pretty much the only ammy that can retain value nowadays.
opps..got caught..who's selling the ammy?
mempo is hard to find with the stats i want.. n nat mark?
EF i'm lookin at the d3 progression, those ppl are selling

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