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probably the best job i've seen anyone do by maxing out rare items

rings and boots are totally awesome, and huge vit on bracers

well done

must have had this gear for a while?

well done with your dps without nats bonuses

i'm working on a set that uses a beast firewalker i found and it becomes obvious how powerful 7 extra CC is when you dont have it

Superb! ur IAS is pretty much maxed out from gears so the only way to break through the diminishing return would be an Echoing Fury to work with ur Butch Sickle.

more curious of how u utilize the exploding palm tho since ur dps is already so high.
Guys need help...need advise, I'm having a hard time in running MP6-7. any tips in how to make it easier.

Rating my monk will be much appreciated as weill.

At a quick glance I would start saving some cash to get Inna's helm, chest, belt and pants....

The sweeping wind stat is fantastic, my damage and effective use of my spirit skyrocketed when I got the 4 piece set.

Also do you use crippling wave always? I find deadly reach so much more viable for kiting mobs.

You might want to stick with Conviction with Overawe as well ... the 48% dmg buff is amazing.
after around 60k dps start looking for Life Steal and not Life on Hit, so much more viable! As soon as I bought a skorn, my dps went from 64k to 104k and the 5.80% Life Steal is just amazing!
Is Act 2 still a tough act? Haven't played in a few months so I dropped 10m (All my gold) on some new gear on someone else's advice, and now I'm progressing through Inferno. I don't have any problems killing things, but I notice it's pretty easy to lose health and sometimes even die. Especially those !@#$%^- mosquitoes.
You could really use some life steal especially as you go through the upper acts or MP's.
hi there. can someone help rate my monk? i'm trying to to get through MP10 but my attack speed does not seem high enough. that said, i dont really want to drop my vit or resist by getting lucani bracers. any advice?

here's me: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Stryder-1200/hero/15113447

thanks :)
Please, rate my monk!

First off you should start to get your CC up there to around 50. weapons are a little low but expected. just farm up a good route that your comfy with and keep runnin!

Great dps and overall build. The only thing I can see that can be improved upon is perhaps stacking your resistances the same, if that's even important to your build.

Very nice!

pretty solid monk....lots of life life on hit/life steal. would prolly foucus on upgrading ur weapons....at least ur main hand to one around 1050 to 1100 dps with similar stats. maybe drop dex for a higher dps weapon

im new to monk...switched over from my dh for a smoother ride, learning as i go
@ Pacisfister

Pretty solid! The thing that sticks out to me for improvement is your Blackthorne's chest armor. Seems like a missed opportunity for more dexterity. Also, you've got very respectable crit chance and crit damage numbers, but could stand to benefit from more attack speed.
Mafoo, you've built yourself a glass cannon. Good all round Monk except for hit points. I think at higher levels 31K is just not enough.

@ !@#$%^-*!@er

Pretty solid monk! Gd Dmg n ehp for one using shield. Guess if u can change the ring to one with dec but similar stats for the others u will hit the 200 k dps. Ur sustainability built is one ppl should take reference on.

For me I had to sacrifice on the amulet and bracer on dex for vit and other sustain stats. Still crafting without luck. Also saving for a mempo as I think an Andy's is not worth the additional fire dmg taken. Also dropped 30k dps from my old ef to one for life steal.

Very nice fire monk. 200k dps but you didn't sacrifice any survivability for that damage. I especially like your LS EF :)

great monk and gear, although i dont like EF with high fear proc, it is a great EF. I am not sure you can live with single lifesteal although the dps comes from WKL is very good.

Although your armor is less than 5K, but with dual lifesteal, I think you should be doing fine in higher mp.

Well crafted for most slots except for the glove, hope you have better luck getting a trifecta.

Nice build, the only thing i would do is get some more att spd, ring and ammy would be the logical upgrades. Have you thought about using a tal rasha's chest?
Also a question i have regards EF and sickle, one fears and one drags in, do they counter each other?.
@ oldman

Nice job on your monk. Im not a fan of Nats but I think that having some CC on your ring or at the very least, some average damage would help a lot.

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