Free items for levels 50-60 (one 44 item)

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Does bumping actually work here? I can't see my own topic coming up.
If still available, wondering if I can get items 22, 36, and 57. Would really help out my DH.
Numbers 2,11 & 20 would help me a lot if they are still available..
#36 and #57 have been taken. #22 is still available.

litlvixen has not responded yet.
Sweet thread! Here's a bump and just sent you a request!
Hopefully you didn't lick the thread to find out that it's sweet.
I want numbers 2, 14, 34, 36, 37, 43 and 55.

#13, #14, and #16 are taken.
I don't want to sound unpleasant but it would help if people who wants free items from me would give me the courtesy of reading the entirety of my posts....
Okay. But can you get online? I'd like to get my other numbers.

Edit.: Sorry about that, but with a post like yours i'd like to check all itens and post my likes asap before anyone else gets it before me.
If they are available 6, 39, and 72 would be a good help for me :)

Log in just to give op a like!
54 and 62 would be great if still available. I won't be able to be on until later, though
If you do that at the Ah you just gonna get flipped.
It is nice that you are trying to help people. But how come there is nothing like a crit chance, crit damage and attack speed ring? Or amulet.... The answer should be obvious.... hehe

I find it is quicker to make this help available by just unloading gear like yours thru the AH, pricing them at 50K or 25K depending on my mood. Players at that level, where the stuff of that caliber are still upgrades, they can easily get 50K gold per hour, perhaps even more.

BTW, people on these forums often just want to show off, and the casual players in pubbies are not forum trolls like those.

I wish I can have 100 sale slots, so I can put a bunch more stuff out there at 10K each for a large majority of them.

Crit stuff and attack speed stuff are coming in my next pack that I'm putting together to give away. I priced these at 10k-30k for weeks and guess what? They never moved. I'm giving them all away and they're actually going pretty slow still.

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