average player group...we need a group too

Demon Hunter
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Also, if players are willing to Skype, you can group skype while playing or get into a Google+ Hangout
I'm looking for this exact group. I would love to roll through the game with other demon hunters. Let me know if i may join.
I'd be down for this too... farm solo mostly, through end of act 3 inferno... havent even bothered to complete the quest line for azmodan to go to act 4. I'm definitely a GC player, decent gear, haven't experimented much with a lot of the skills/runes. i found something i am comfortable with and stuck with it. Shows my age there a bit... 57 and retired.. much to my wife's dismay.. Hey, i am totally good with being the man-!@#$%^ of the house now... cryodude#1424.. i will be on in a bit.. when servers come back up. Please shoot me a tel/invite.. would like to find some peeps to play with.. farm city... my mf isn't so great for act 3. i go for dmg/resists to survive. Even with 5 stacks of neph and level 23 paragon, i'm only like 240mf in act 3.. probably says a bit about skill level as a player.. also, i can craft a lot of BS stuff and gems. still need to upgrade my str/ruby gem skills.

look forward to seeing you guys in game!! Thanks for the terrific thread for us old farts!! i b down for this!!
=) hard to find genuine people online, count me in! i consider myself a pretty decent player, would be happy to help anybody who needed it. feel free to add. and skype would be a great idea.
no skype here... just Vent from playing wow.. but if its easy to set up on a mac. i can do it quickly enough i am sure. going to check it out now after this post..
wow i never use the forums for anything.. i have no clue who this char is that says i am a lock from wow i guess... trying to find how to change this profile info. back in a flash or 3...
I'm on the ventrilo server that Zoe advertises on the forums, so if anyone with a mic wants to, we can use voice chat during runs. I'm up for installing Skype or anything else if others want to use that. I think voice chat makes the game a lot more social since I suck at typing. I do die a lot more if I'm trying to chat during elite fights though.
cant find zoes post, do you mind posting the vent details please? would be appreciataed.
I have a girlfriend that lives in China and we skype all the time so let's spread the word and try skype...it is an easy download...at least for Microsoft set-up...and see how it works...if not we can try ventrilo but I no nothing about this voip system...will need help...
well i think i changed my character to one i actually created.. the Daniarra warlock wasn't me, but someone who also uses cryodude battle tag i guess. trying to figure out how to make one of D3 characters be there.. can't find the right button yet...
ventrillo is best for large groups and is pretty straight forward to use, but all of that can be sorted out once the group has formed i guess. happy to use skype in the mean time. post ur email or details and ill add you.
I'd like to join the group. My gear is mid to high tier. All my friends have quit, and I despise elitists. I'd gladly run you guys through Act 3, just add me in-game.
well my email is Doit91@hotmail.com if any one wishes to add me via skype. hope to see you all online.
When the level cap and your actual age are hard to tell apart you need a group like this.
This is the thread on how to get the info, the admin seems to prefer that people get the info from him/her, probably to weed out trolls and spammers maybe.


The server is actually a really good place to meet cool people to do runs with even outside of its utility for our new group. There some godly geared people on there, but also a lot of average people like us.
This is the best idea ever! I'd seriously like to join you guys. I'm boven#1119
Also, I live in Japan so I'm usually playing during weird hours cause of the time difference, so if anyone is working night shifts or something and wanna play, let me know!
finally figured out the profile pict... man i am slow... but at least it's a D3 tag here now. my email is cryodude@sbcglobal.net. i will go check out the skype thing. but have vent already so can do that barring problems with getting skype going. looking forward to grouping up with similar minded players.
Guys, you really should be careful with posting email addresses that you actually use, otherwise you'll get even more spam than usual and maybe suffer from other mishaps.

This group is gaining members so fast that it's hard to keep track of who I've added. If I miss anyone feel free to add me.
I still think I have a lock on being the old fart at 63 but don't think for a minute I am a push over...I am also a Kona Ironman...LOL...my email is fondrenj@aol.com...anyone can email me anytime...so family,friends,work,exercise/health,play/gaming...I have NEVER found the right balance...just like my character...I'm always re-adjusting...trying to improve...trying to learn...it's up to me to make it a good life...
which is why i use this email, its purely for gaming purposes =) i appreciate your concern. my battletag is CaptanZandor#1853

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