Torchlight II OST is Free!

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A $20 game... with the complete (awesome) OST for free. No DRM restrictions or special player needed. And you even get a PDF file for printing if you want to make a physical case.

$12 can get you Diablo III's (imo; weaker) OST, and just that. DRM'd with all the joy and restrictions of iTunes.

And Diablo III's OST even has less tracks then Torchlight II's.
This soundtrack is similar to TL1's: good, but not great. Coming from Matt Uelmen, the man behind the legendary Tristam Theme, you'd expect better than a decent yet pretty generic-sounding score.

Good thing it's free, because I don't think I would have paid for it otherwise.
I think Matt Uelmen should be in D3... Big mistake from Blizzard. I think T2 has more character in music.
I just listened to the track and I must say they have more of a Diablo1/2 feel to them. Way better than Diablo 3 and the screeching crap music they have playing when fighting the spider queen...
TL2 has much better music overall. It is truly "Diablo" style.

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