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So... can anyone tell me if I can stumble apon the blacksmith plans "Cain's Fate" or is the AH the only place to get it?, but if I was to find it out in the big bad world? any idea on a location I might start looking??? or... if anyone just happens to have a spare knocking around in their account... as I dont have a lazy 21mil to buy it, any info on the above Q's would be great

Thank you all who happen to read this and possibly answer
so no body knows??
Why are you so intrigued with Cain's fate? Does it even sell well?

If you're interested in the 30%exp, you're better off looking for

Legendary patterns are obscenely rare, at least for me; never seen one.
just a few reasons, get achievments, try and craft a perfect set, IDK just to say " I have that"
and about leorics sig I've tried farming for it for like a week but there is only so much act 2 norm I can take
You're better off farming inferno for legendaries then buying the pattern; if you really want to hunt the pattern down, they drop in areas corresponding to the crafted item's required level, ie. 22. Probably late act 2 normal to mid- act 3 normal.
Yes cains fate drops in normal difficulty games and yes flying frog they sell well at least 120% profit mine dropped in a act 2 event Treasure of whats-his-face waiting for it to drop takes a hella long time best bet is to go buy it

I'm bored so I decided I wanna found this plan so I'll be hunting it.
Could anyone who have actually found it tell where it happened or specifically where to look (besides areas with ilvl 25)?
Confirmed drop on Act 2 Normal.
where in act 2???
confirmed drop in act 1 on nightmare difficulty
I found one while running through the Silver Spire lvl2. I was surprised because it was Normal Difficulty and I had a lvl 30 Demon Hunter with no stacks xD

So yes its possible
Still looking for my Cain's Fate recipe. Been farming with friends, with M.F. gear and 5 stacks, starting in Act2 Normal MP10 'till Act1 Nightmare MP10.

About the Leoric's Signet, I found 2 of them. Same method: a lot of M.F. gear (trying to get to 300% MF with the gear, jewel and Paragon MF), and 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor. Found one in Sewers of Caldeum, and the other in the Flooded Cave at Dalghur Oasis. I was playing with a friend to help up the MF, and in Act2 Normal MP10.
I'm still trying to get Cain's fate also:
Last night I did Normal MP10 with my Wiz from all of Act 2 to the end of the game...and STILL nothing.
But with 5 stacks of NV I did find a few legendaries of the course of playing 3 Acts in one go.
I did managed to complete Act 4 within an Hour and got the 1 Hour achievement, but just missed out on Act 2 and 3 1 hour achievements because I kept farming for too long.
Though I thought I could get Act 3 1 hour achievement but I was determined to find Cain's Fate.

One thing I did notice though is Cain's fate plan is lvl 25 but requirement is 23...but it's not until the start of Act 3 Normal that item levels 23 and above will drop.
So the plans can probably drop from Act 3 onwards but I've read that some people have found it in Act 2 normal...but yet lvl 23 items don't normally drop in Act 2, as you mainly get item levels from 10-20 or maybe 15-20 in that Act.

::MF limit on Normal::
I had about 475% MF which I think is the MF limit for Normal on MP10...where as the limit for MF is different on Inferno.
Doesn't matter now much MF items you add to increase it, it still stayed at 475%.

But I have to say Cain's Fate plan is ultra rare and very expensive on AH.
If you find one you feel like selling it to get a profit, since you'll gain like 900 mil from it.

@KraVen I see you have cain's fate now...Did you find, buy or get offer from someone else's trade.
If found...Where did you find it.
@MaskedReaper, indeed, items lvl23 pop after killing Ghom in Act 3 Normal. The maximum MF for a single player is 475%, but that number will increase when you find a shrine of MF & GF, and, most importantly, when you're playing with more players. It's a 10% increase in MF per player, so, if you find 3 more people to play, it's 475% + 30% = 505%.

Back when I was playing more, in October/2013, I was playing with 2 friends in Normal MP10, Act 3, at Arreat Crater lvl1, when I found my first and so far only Legendary Plan: "Unending War", which is a lvl23 Crafting Plan. So, I believe that the odds are much better to find a plan if you're playing with more people.

This search for Plans is very, very frustating. It depends a lot on luck.
I received a friend request from someone I don't know, who is asking if I'm "still doing Cain Fate runs"
I have to do go back in the game to check your username to see who you are.

But to answer your question...I am still doing Cain's Fate runs?...Well yes and no.
Am I planning on doing the runs with others?...Probably far as I'm working my low-to-mid level toons up to lvl 60.

Will I be doing the runs all the time? Well it seems rather pointless for "ultra rare" drops...though I do like the challenge though of finding the actual Cain's Fate plan or any legendary crafting plans for that matter.
But my answer to this question is that I won't be doing this all the time as I have to prepare for RoS if I'm getting it.

Sure it maybe true that playing Normal on MP10 with more friends increases the odds of MF and GF percentage...but it may seem pointless if you STILL can't find anything even with more friends.
Also the fact that you can just one-shot kill everything with lvl 60 toons is just too easy.
But doing the runs with more people just seems a bit overkill just for MF and GF percentage boost.
It maybe great but it's frustrating also.

::Tried a second time run::
First of all I did another run just on Sunday afternoon with a level 60 toon on Normal at MP10 from all of Act 3 to end game Act 4...and the result was STILL nothing...I didn't even get one single legendary drop..."What a waste you say"...and it seemed like a waste of time doing two Acts and not even a single drop even with 475% MF.
I have to admit this game gives you "bad days" which is what I call when you don't get a single legendary at all when you've been playing for 4-5 hours.

Now to note this 'My current state':
I still do have low level and/or (mid level) toons that are currently still doing Normal but only at MP5 (as any higher would be pure murder).
My Monk is still currently doing Act 3 MP5 but going any higher in MP levels is just too hard.
My Male DH is now Nightmare Act 1 MP5 but the elites are starting to giving me trouble since they do pack a punch and also the fact I'm Nightmare and not Normal anymore so things will get harder in MP levels and so I might have to drop back down to low MP levels when doing Nightmare.
OR I could put more high gems into my DH to get a bit more boost to stay alive and kill quicker.

Now I could still hunt for Cain's Fate in Nightmare Act 1 with my DH since the items there are still around ilvl 25.
I could also possibly try Nightmare Act 1 MP10 with a lvl 60 toon on aswell for better chances.
Trying to do this with low to mid level toons to a full level 60 toon is all a challenge...but whether I will have any success with any of my toons is still a mystery...but I do have multiple chances with any toon.
I will post my findings when I try again.

Ps...sorry for the long post.
09/22/2012 03:24 AMPosted by FlyingFroG
Why are you so intrigued with Cain's fate? Does it even sell well?

If you're interested in the 30%exp, you're better off looking for

Legendary patterns are obscenely rare, at least for me; never seen one.

Is this ring still be able to farm in this days?

@Aukai, yes, it is. Two days ago I was playing with a friend (I was with my Paragon 23 char, he was with his lvl 23 char) in Normal MP10, and he (with 120% MF) found one (in "The Ruins" at the Stinging Winds). I'm beginning to think that the Signet isn't that hard to find, given that the players spend some time and runs (preferrably playing along with other players) to find it, compared to other legendaries. Check one of my comments above for the route where I found it (them).

@MaskedReaper, I agree with you about the boredom of doing Normal runs with lvl 60 characters. At this moment, I'm searching for any legendary plans, including Cain's Fate, and every once and a while I vary the farming route to Nightmare and Hell for a change.
Just did a run today but on Nightmare Act 1 MP10 with my level 60 toon...since I figured I get more level 25 item drops.

Nightmare Act 1 gets you items from level 25 up to level 33 if you fight The Butcher.
But if you only want level 25 items then only go as far as Skeleton King or just a bit more after that...well more to when you have to fight the spiders.

I actually found about 3 legendaries for my mid level toons...I found the Cape of the Dark Night (a.k.a The Batman Cape)...It looks awesome on a DH...probably the best looking Cape for the DH.
Looks good on Male DH but like to see it on my female DH aswell when I level her up.

But doing the run gave me some good items just for my mid level toons so I can boost their strength so I can raise the MP level.

I found Leoric's Crown a while ago and that has some good monster kills exp points on it for fast levelling.
I just levelled my barb up to 3 levels in less than 2 hours.
But I haven't found Leoric's signet ring's level 17 but requirement is 14 so some of my low level toon could find it.
Act 2 you stay in the stinging Winds...hmm I could try there later.
Loot what just drop for me this morning after fast levelling my DH.
I couldn't believe my eyes when this dropped in one of the Crypts in the cemetery.

I've found the 'fate' now I seek the 'Destiny'.

It will go good together with Born's Defiance set which dropped about a week or so ago.
I'm glad legendary/set plans are dropping for me now.
Still haven't found more than armour set item, but it seems I have luck at set item plans instead.
Found mine on A3 torment 2. Just got the griswalds plan and am making 1300 dps 1handed weapons now :D

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