Diablo light on story? OWH HELL NAWH!

Lore and Story
I've been reading everywhere that it doesn't matter very much what Metzen and co do with the story of Diablo because, at the end of the day, the story is not important and is there as an excuse to get the looting going.

I disagree with all my heart.

If you bought the original Diablo, it came with a booklet of a very nice mythology. It was a dark story, it was gothic and horrific and it served a pretty kickass background to what you could find in the game. Few things were cooler than reading about Lachdannan or The Warlord of Blood and then actually meeting them in the game. It made you feel like part of an evolving epic.

Diablo II was less complex, but I won't argue very much; the story was very well presented through Marius' memories and I didn't see that, in the end, Baal was the one under the shroud. The story really served as a continuation to the themes from the original tale.

Diablo 3 IS light on story. The twists were sort of predictable and nearly every boss you find is either dispatched too quickly of a 2D character that taunts you endlessly until you kill him.

Come on, Blizz. You're better than that.
Agreed. Not only did they lack proper planning, but the execution was horrible. Where were the Quality and Assurance testers, where was everyone else during the meetings? Blizzard claims the story was sufficient, but did everyone at Irvine really feel that way? Come on Blizzard you're better than that.

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