Game Crashes When Using Bola Shot Acid Strike

Bug Report
Any fix for this or do I have to stop using this skill?
i have this problem too plz fix it is happening like 3-5 times a day i love this skil fit perfect for how i wanna distribute dmg i rather not have my use others.

when it happens to me the game freezes and i have to task manager it close to end it
once it restart and log in it it will throw me right back into my last party.
i have this error as well
another crashed filled day
I thought this had been addressed in 1.0.5, Is anyone else still having this problem?
i still have this problem

i initially though was my computer not powerful enough.
but after seeing quite a few people include people in the game.

we DH do encounter such error. it just hang there with the shooting sound keep repeating.

for bola acid shot.

no choice i had change to use other skills instead.
This is still happening to me i was just testing that skill and crash , 3 times in row ... after some 1 -3 min of using it ... diablo 3 not responding.

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