Help with Cyclone build monk

I like using cyclone build with two weapons. I can't pass act 3 with the build and gear I am currently using.

My stats are now:
Dex: 1302
Vit: 559
Crit chance: 27%
AR: 673 (With OWE, Without Time of Need)

I have 90M budget to spend on my monk for farming in act 3.

Any recommendation on how I can upgrade my current gear and build?
Drop cyclone strike, drop healing mantra, get Blinding Flash + dmg boost rune, drop extra healing from Breath of Heaven and get dmg buff rune, drop Chant of Resonance, get Resolve, get Overawe Mantra of Conviction.

To do a3 without total wipefest you need 35k-40k hp, anything above is overkill, anything below will get you instagibbed.

Also you must shoot for double resists on all non dps gear (chest/legs/belt/boots/shoulder), and high values of it. OWE passive should get you over 850 resists 900 is ideal without a shield but the more the better (until high dps is reached)
+ armor is good also

To maximize this build you should keep SW up after you have used blinding flash + have Breath of Heaven dmg buff up. Use MoC + Overawe as your spirit spender to burst big groups/elites down. doing this, your dps with almost double, as well as gaining more CC/resists/life.

This is a very standard and highly effective build, and your weaknesses seem to be coming from weak skill choices to make up for gear defiencies. (life/resists) . Also due to fast attack speed of dual wield, you can make alot more use from LoH, get it to a certain lvl where you can stand in pools (not desecrator) without moving or losing hp.
FYI: I spent under 20 mil (probably less) getting all the gear my monk has, with 5 mil each on the helm and the weapon. 1-2 pieces other pieces cost me over 1 mil.

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