Pimp your WW barb for 1.0.5 Budget build!

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Hi itstylerj, your suggestion is very nice. I think my gear will be extremely hard to maintain perma Wotb and keep life in 1.0.5. I could afford about 80m for upgrade. Please could you help to figure out possible upgrade on my gear for 1.0.5? Thank you very much.
I've tried the PTR and seem to lack severely in defense. Doing MP6-9 crushes my barb. What kind of upgrades would you suggest DPS wise or defensively?
What should i upgrade with a 6.5mil budget :((
@llurther - Change Gems to STR, All res on bracers and boots, gloves with AS maybe instead of CD if you can't afford more. All across the board you could just aim for higher stats, mostly STR and AR.

Any tips for me? I haven't found a good belt yet - i know i need LS on it. Got around 10m at this time.

Why do you suggest axe as a main hand over a mace?
I thought slower mainhand was better due to higher weapon damage.
hi, i have 600mil which piece other than my rings and ammy shld i upgrade for 1.0.5?
Hey itstylerj, the only thing i'm doing in inferno is dying. I need a little help on wat to do so that I can run thru inferno. I have around 10 mil to spend.

Ill try to add you. Thanks!
If you have time could you please look at my gear and tell me what I can upgrade with only a 1 Mill Budget
Ok so I figured out how to link my barb and my gear. So you could lend a hand with any suggestions that would be awesome Id really appreciate it.

Edit I only have like 4m, but can sell some stuff to get a couple mil more
I know I could use LS and some more CC but what other advice would you give for me? I have 140 mil saved up from a few good drops, but most upgrades cost 25-200 mil it seems.
What should I be looking to get, and more specifically what needs to be upgraded first?

Hey itstylerj,

Wondering if I could get some in-game help (or here on the forum). I think I have a pretty avg WW barb and around 25 mill to spend.

I have a few things opts in terms of buying stuff but really need to maximize the gold I have to give me the best upgrades.

1) considering buying duncraig cross with crit (basically my entire funds)
2) vile ward with 200+ str/vit
3) new boots and sell the current ones (kinda would need to work with opt 1 to keep that set bonus)
4) get a few pieces that are cheaper (rings?)


Hey i am a WW barb and i was wondering if you can tell me what kind of stats i need to improve on in order to do well in patch 1.0.5...thanks!!!
I am switching from 1400 loh to 5.2% LS in order to prepare for the 1.0.5 patch. However, I find that my survivability was great degraded. Should I get more LS or more damage?
Hi OP,

Please advise me as well. Cannot survice Act 2 and beyond.

Hi can you pls take a look at my stats and eq and lemme know what I should do/change to be able to adapt to 1.05?
how much percentage should I am for IAS and Crit Chance?
would i be better off bumping AR further or more loh? Act 3 still kickin my a**
Anyone have suggestions for upgrades on my guy? Upgrades under 20M?


Only thing I can think of right now is better emeralds. I don't have much gold right now and want to know what the cheapest, most effective upgrades I should save for are. So anything over 20M is pretty much not an option.

I don't want to give up any dps or defensive stats. It has to be a clear upgrade.

Also, I have zero problems in current Act 3 with this gear - 83K dps unbuffed, 7.4% leech, 200 LoH. So maybe others can look at what I have as targets for dps/leech needed to farm easily, though I have no clue how fury generation is going to be.

Thanks in advance...
All right, bro - please take a look at my barb. Can you let me know what to swap to do MPL10 solo with enough ease?

Thanks - I'll add you in game for a pretty good tip upon your reply.

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