Pimp your WW barb for 1.0.5 Budget build!

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Hi itstylerj. Need some suggestion for mine as well. I am looking to up my DPS, not sure if i should get an echoing fury with base crit dmg. Any thoughts?
hey itstylerj. i need help i have about 6 mil i could give you some gold aswell for helping me add me in game
Still thinking maybe I have too much MF...I'm not sure though if I want to get rid of it, what kind of sacrifices can I make with my gear? I may get rid of my set ammy/ring.
Hey itstylerj, I was wondering what pieces of gear I could upgrade to improve dps without losing much survivability. I have about 15 mil and I want to know what's the best way to spend my gold. Any advice is appreciated, thanks
I think it would be a great idea for some of the guys that are familiar and have a definitive grasp on what is needed to be a successful WW barb after the patch to post a general how to. What I mean is if a person just hit lvl 60 the day the patch was released what are the ballpark stats they should be shooting for to make a effective blender of mayhem.
What Attack per second numbers should we be shooting for?

I understand i could switch my off-hand weapon to something faster, but what do i need? Sword fast? Dagger fast? Any opinions on my barb?
Hello Itstyerj
Could you check out my barb and give me some advise on what to upgrade?
Right on my current build i can stay alife in mp8 n not die...takes foreverrr to kill anything but i dont really die much unles thers less than 2 mobs.....that being said i can do mp5 with no majors issues.....and as u all might be able to tell my gear isnt worth much at all...
Hello itstyerj

could you please tell which items i have to change and on which stats i should focus next.
My budget is around 35 million gold and I'm playing on EU Servers.
Hey Itstyerj, not sure if you have the time or not but I have 10Mill I could spend on my barb. Add me please if you are interested!
Wouldn't mind some advice. Got lots to spend. Please let me know what I can improve on, thanks.

Edit - GAH! how do I change to my Diablo toon?
Interesting post... but most of the items are actually bought when some idiot puts its too cheap.
So u cant say for 100% that we all can gear our barbars with 2mil budged.
Take for example now 1k barbarians trys to do this... not even half of them will be able.
But yeah, for the beginning it might help, but who knows if we people will be able to play with this on 1.0.5, u might say we can... but consider thous stats in the 1.0.4 it gives u a hard game, and if in 1.0.5 its nerfed it will be harder.
And buffed with 60k dps -_-' cant really farm well in act3, better do act2 for better gear then go act3 not? But imo the biggest problem in the 1.0.5 patch wont be the nerf, but that the prices for barbarian gear is going so hard up. So u cant say a barbarian will be able to gear this good up in the following patch anyways.

EDIT: @ prokiller... i got 100times worst gear then u and lower stats. I face roll the whole act3 in 50min without dying.
You should consider that not your gear is bad but your skill.
Go watch some life stream better :)
EDITx2: @ prokiller - i took a closer look to your gear.
1 suggestion, sell your expensive rings and buy a normal amulet/ring.
i got ~18mil worth ring that gives 200loh(skull grasp) and got a good amulet that gives me 400loh(ouroboros) so in total i got 600loh and can survive without problems with this amount. Selling the rings ( or just 1 ) might cost u some dps ( if u sell litany u might even get tons of dps from a good 20mil skull drasp), but i think 200loh on your currently gear will be a great boost. You probably will lose a lot of dps if u swich to a better amulet, coz a not over priced amulet with avarage dmg/str/crit chance/loh might be better then the extra 2.5 crit chance and 60crti dmg as u already have a huge crit dmg.

Lol this guy doesn't know what he's saying. I farmed act3 with ease with only 35k damage unbuffed.
Tip for WW barbs trying to keep the build in 1.0.5. Aim for at least 80k dps and 6% life leach. And gearing up to 5 piece IK set armor... For weapon i'm guessing a great 2H legendary mighty weapon (can get expensive)
Any experienced barbarian can help me to gear up for patch 1.0.5 please I have a 20m budget thanks !
@Marc well i think 20m could buy you better gears than mine...i do mp5 at ease with current build look at it maybe itll help.
Hi I need help for 1.05 as well
Can you please do a screen shot for the stats on each piece of gear. Cheers
Finally I did some shopping on the AH and I found some pretty good things I think , but I still have some issues with some rare packs , what im I lacking ? Any help is appreciated thanks
10/11/2012 11:44 PMPosted by Marc
Finally I did some shopping on the AH and I found some pretty good things I think , but I still have some issues with some rare packs , what im I lacking ? Any help is appreciated thanks

For now you could get more LOH but it ultimitly comes down to you either need more all res or increase your damage for more effective ls.
10/11/2012 09:30 PMPosted by Kabaly
Can you please do a screen shot for the stats on each piece of gear. Cheers
Any suggestions on how I can improve dps output? I am pretty sure my resist, armour and health is enough for act 3. but my dps seems stuck at around the 20k + range and cant go up...

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