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just completed the crumbling vault event!! tons of fun!!!
You should save some fun for later, you gonna need it.
well ive been playing for a while and never found it until just now.. to bad the loot was crap!!
where is the crumbling vault?
What is crmubling vault?
act II i was using the lord of lies for the begin quest.. went to the waypoint "Khasim outpost" and before i hit the "Road to Alcarnus" checkpoint there was a dungeon with a guy before it with the ! above his head!! tons a fun!! lots of monsters
took me 3 tries to defeat this quest...but on try 3 made it.....ummm and yea, seems like the loot should have been something to make it worthwhile....sigh

For a time I considered the Crumbling Vault a rare spawn, but lately I encounter it maybe every other time. The loot is a bit dissapointing, but the idea behind it (currently the only event in the game you can actually fail at, great! - no irony here) is simply superb. It's a shame the same principle doesn't apply to other game events as well, so that they'd be more challlenging and maybe even slightly rarer, but the rewards would be far more noticeable (extra Nephalem Valor stacks, significantly higher chance to drop a quality item - especially a legendary or a set piece?).

Thankfully, the Crumbling Vault, as well as other events, will become worthwhile soon enough with Patch 1.0.5 implemented, thanks to the changes concerning the Resplendant Chests, events and unique monsters. For the moment I have a suggestion, though. Since the prize for completing this event isn't that great (just a few chests, including a resplendant one), consider deliberately failing it. Just get into the dungeon and start killing things. The crumbling ceiling won't hit you, but on the other hand - it will damage nearby monsters, even elite packs, making it easier to kill them! You should find at least 3 elite packs in there.

Don't worry about the timer - once it hits 0, you won't be able to go back to the Vault, but it doesn't do you any damage. The event is failed, but you may continue hacking and slashing things until they kill you. Should you die, you'd be transported to the Stinging Winds, with no way to enter the dungeon again (well, unless you're playing Hardcore) - but that's about it.

Have fun!
so its somewhere in the stinging winds? cool. ill find it right away.

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