[ITEM-BUG] The Oculus / Wormhole Teleport

Bug Report
So i'm reporting a bug regarding "The Oculus"

It's supposed to lower the cooldown of teleport, which works for all runes except for the wormhole one.

"Reduces cooldown of Teleport by 1-4 seconds. (Wizard Only)"

I've been suspicious that this wasnt working as intended while trying out different CM/Teleport specs, although i've just tried to count it myself.

So eventually just now while trying another CM/teleport spec i decided to test this this with a friend by casting a spell and as it landed to a wall we both teleport, for each other rune i could teleport as its supposed to be 3 sec before him. But with wormhole it doesn't work as it should.

This utility is a big reason to pick the offhand over any other. So i hope it's beeing looked into.
I've seen reports on this throughout 1.0.4. I'm bumping this thread for some hope that a Blue can at least acknowledge this is either a bug or intentional.

Honestly, I'd say it's probably intentional but at least confirm or deny it. I spent too many millions on my oculus for the 4s cooldown...
I'd love if a blue can comment please, this is definitely a bug.
I am having the same problem with Wormhole. I tried this using an Oculus with a 4 second reduction and I still get 16 second cool down. I timed it from the exact time when the cool down starts (as there is a one second delay before cool down begins when using the Worlmhole rune).
just did some more testing, the 4s cooldown does not apply to ANY of the teleport runes.
Can someone respond or please fix this?

I have the same proplem does not apply any of the teleport pls someone respond shame on you Blizzard:(((((((((
Ehm, Guys????
Last time I reported this 2 days ago, and we agreed it was only for the Reversal Rune :DD

Now I tried with another RUne, and it definetly doesn't work (i think first rune). And then I read this thread, "only doesn't work for wormhole" lol :D


SUMMARY: Occulus' Teleport doesn't work for some runes (!).

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