Helping Barbs Progress (All Budgets) V3.0

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@Newfi - I'm sorry I made your gear out to be worse than it is. It is VERY good gear, overall except the weapon (for WW anyway). I was trying to emphasis the areas that COULD be improved, but that trying to do better would be expensive!

Agian, I'm very sorry, I should have stated it this way instead of sounding like I was trashing your gear.

hey no problem Ender, I wasn't offended at all. I know my gear is pretty good, but ya I do need to upgrade some things. Speak with ya in game
@rezic msg me in game i need to ask you something.
@rezic You did a fantastic job again. Thanks. Not sure how but you always find deals I can't.
Hey Rezic, I got that 10 mil minimum for a 2h'er. Had to beg borrow and steal to get it... I'll put on my "good" gear so you can check it out then shoot you a friend request.
Hi Rezic, I have bout 20 mills now for 2 hander. Hope im in ur waiting list.
Quite new in barb so not sure wat to do now. Hope u can give a helping hand in gearing me thanks.
I would really appreciate if some advice is given on my 2hd Barb Rend/Revenge, especially on my items.

My main objective if possible is to get higher damage. Issue now is survivalbility. Ironically, using a lower dps weap with 6%LS has better survivalbility with what I'm using now. Difference in unbuffed dps is about 12k. Stats wise of weap are similar for str/vit except the LS has only 100%cd while without LS has 172%cd.

My CC is 48% but my CD is low at 323%, even lower at only 254% only.

If using LS, I can go without Revenge.

I have about 20m budget.

Thanks in advance!
Hello, first time poster to you. I have been stuck on Ghom in act three inferno forever now. Been doing everything I can to improve my toon. Any ideas for gear or skill lineup, please let me know. :)

Thanks :)
Ty for the advice is there any more that you can give me i'm sure that you are at your limit with all of the requests that are asked just looking for that hlp to get the right build thks Narkosis
I'm currently stuck in Act 3 and looking to upgrade the gear on my Barbarian. Please let me know what could use an upgrade! Thanks.
Am able to clear all but diablo at the moment but want to build more HP and Damage, have 20 mill to burn... ???
Hey guys, thinking about switching to a 2h build, I have a budget of about 5m. My only real issue is I have always loved and played WW Barbs since D2vanilla, anyway we can work WW in? I have zero attachment to RltW/double WW.

Any advice would be appreciated. I am considering having y'all do a build for me, at the same time I love playing the market myself and I think I have done pretty well thus far :-p.

Thanks guys.

Edit: I actually just switched around some gear so my profile isn't 100% accurate atm, but you get the gist. All I did was get Crit Chance on my Bracers and Ammy, and switched my off-hand to a sword with a socket+60% CHD, 180 Str, 95 Vit and 705 LoH.
HP: 48k->42k
DPS: 34.5k->41.7k

Again, thanks and feel free to contact me in-game.
Hey dudes,

Thanks again for this starter kit. It has actually made game game fun again and playable.

Just a couple of quick questions. What should I work on now towards upgrading/saving up for in terms of gear?

If I wanted to work on a two hander build where should I start. Would most of my gear be viable for a 2h-build?

Basically so far I have been farming/saved up to upgraded my flawless square gems. But I switched out the helm gem for a ruby for more exp.
Hey folks, greetings Rezic & Ender

Thanks a lot for the guid it is very helpful and gives great advices and points how to build nice barb, finding the way to go.

Tried to implement everything you posted here and I am kinda stucked with budget and stats.

Got some chd, cd, as, loh, str and my dmg stopped at 24k and you are reffering that we shall aim for sth above 40k.
I know I have to work on helm which is definetly for change, boots and... have no other ideas still missing a lot of dmg.

Could you please look through and give me couple tips which way to go and how to improve what i have now?

Maybe I did some mistakes gearing, so it would be great if you could point it out guys.

Thanks a lot for all you did so far to all of us.

Kaylar im no expert but I think one major thing that could increase your damage would be using a mace/axe and having weapon master and ruthless to boost your crit chance and damage.
Thank You! - I was, of course, having a hard time in inferno Act II. Read your post, followed your advice on which skills to use - mainly the passives .... Wow! What a difference. I would like you to take a look at my gear ... I've got plenty $$$ to make it better. I have two Barbies; Thunderbunz & his daughter Cinderbunz. Both are level 60+. Want to build a set of gear to swap between them.

Look forward to hearing from you guys.
Hey man...

I have 37m, and I need to have some more survival!
May you help me?

hey might need your sevice as you can see im stuggling i have a budget of 4 mill would be great if you could help me
hey guys, nice service
do you guys also help poor players like me on european server ?
would be really nice

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