looking for ppl to do a3 with [84k base dps]

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hey guys,

well yeah it gets old doing a3 on ur own or with baddies, anyhow if u wanna do a3 runs with me and can hold ur own eg tanking or 80k+ dps feel free to add me

add me:: Hyp0X#1724
Awesome fun! :D
hahaha couldn't agree more :p time to bail
still looking? add meup if you interested juggerking#1542
I can tank AND do 80k+ dps and am loved by all squishies!
sounds good, yeah i'm still welcoming ppl :D
well i can either DPS with my WD (150K+ DPS) buffed yet i do die on occasion, or i can go into pure god mode tank and just stand in anything in the game and giggle, just will need some help dps wise as my dps drops to 10k :(

My EHP tho can get to top10 on amerca's for all classes :)
dps wise can clear quickr than any stinky barbs and m much better looking as well :) not a seady old man barb or !@#$% lady-barb :)
so in essence, i'll just add u :P
decayedance#1490 100K DPS w/o SS, feel free to add, farming alone gets boring.

Edit -
Currently trying to sell my DML, so profile does not reflect my current DPS correctly.
100k dps unbuffed, feel free to add. Will be on tonight/the weekend. Reflex#1805
hairynuts#1884 add me on, the group farming is a lot more entertaining than flying solo
please add nitronium#6160
im looking for act 3 farm groups as well.
60K+ dps monk with defence and sustain. Add me.
I too are looking for grouping, it does get boring farming alone sometimes...

Add me up if anyone is interested, stormchylde#6518
Wicked sense of humor helpful as well :P
Im also looking for act 3 group since most of my friend list has disappeared in the last couple of months
currently using 75k barb

if anyone is interested add me: Grimnar#6807

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