1M gold challenge aka the 75 cent challenge

Witch Doctor
There have been a lot of people posting recently that they are having trouble in Act 2/3 of Inferno. Most of these people are on a tight budget so I wanted to see what I could do with 1M gold (since its less than $1 on the RMAH I assume this is within everyones budget). The recent uprising of legendaries has caused the price of rares to plummet. I was able to put together a full set of armor for 754,709 and I've had no issues in Act 3 other than not moving through it as quickly as I'm used to. I used all BIN and wasn't being patient at all. I spent about half of the total budget on the rings. I have no doubt you could get equivalent gear for 500k or less if you're really patient and use bids instead of buyouts.

You can check my profile to see the gear/build, and I posted a video of a Siegebreaker kill @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXYv79vx8Dc . Its the only video I've ever recorded and it has a nice surprise ending. As you can tell from the Vid I'm no expert at this game, so no play skill is required. The build can also be tweaked however you want. The only thing you cannot do with this setup is use PTV effectively. It simply requires too much mana.

Here are my takeaways.
If you focus on Armor (5k), Vit (50k HP), Res All(500) and Int (as much as you can afford) you can get through Act 3 relatively easily. I would aim for at least 1000 life on hit as well as it does a lot of work for you. I found that you can pickup random pieces with CC/IAS/CD pretty cheaply if you're only getting 1 or 2 of them on an item. CC/CD are more important when you don't have a lot of mana/regen. IAS will boost your DPS, but you will likely find yourself running out of mana quickly. Remember that you don't need every stat on every item. I could have gotten res all on my boots for example, but I had already reached my target so I got a lot more Int/Vit. I found multiple items for less than 20K, so you don't have to spend a fortune.

You can play multiple styles even with inexpensive gear. I chose to go Shield, but I quickly realized it wasn't necessary. You could easily switch it out for a mojo and pickup Jungle Fortitude. Actually I would recommend going that route as I think Jungle Fortitude and Vision Quest are the best passives for a budget build. Jungle Fortitude should more than makeup for the loss of the shield and the extra DPS from the mojo will make you more efficient. You can also use the Enchantress for the Armor buff / IAS instead of Scoundrel for CC if you need some more defense after dropping the shield. I went with a build that was pretty tanky. I could have gone with less Armor/Vit/ResAll and had much higher DPS while still not dying often. Before you buy a single piece of gear decide how you want to play. High dps with some deaths or low dps and indestructible. Buy all of your gear with your goal in mind.

Thing of the Deep. I've seen these going for as low as 1M and im sure they will keep going down. These are not the highest DPS ones at that price, but they do have 20 pickup radius and CC. This turns on Gruesome Feast and Grave Injustice. I think this is the first upgrade I'd make once I could afford even a slightly decent one. Weapons are always on the list of updgrades. I really like ceremonial knives as they can provide extra mana and mana regen. These are huge bonuses and worth lower DPS in my opinion.

Summary None of these ideas are mine. I got most of them from other threads in this forum. This is not the greatest build/setup ever and you will die and you will take some time killing elite packs. I believe this is a great setup for getting started in Act 2/3 and one that you can easily upgrade one piece at a time. GL HF

if any WDs Needs gear I'll gladly give them this set.
Nice read, should help on mine. Starter set? Sure!
Hmm. And just where did you get your ceremonial knife? Yours would sell for over 1 million gold on the GAH.
If you don't find a decent enough weapon (if you are claiming you found it) I would say your experiment is a big waste of time.
I assume you mean you have 500 all resist with your int included.
And you really have less than 4000 armor without your shield.

Things of the deep go for $1-10 million if they have low damage. If you want pickup radius, why didn't you add it to your equipment?
That knife was 99,999 on the GAH. It was a good deal, but there were similar ones on there. A quick check shows several above 800 dps with 60+ CD and 500+LOH for under 100k. I'll gladly get you a screenshot of what I paid for the weapon or any other piece if you want to see it. Although I have no clue what you think I hope to gain by lying in a thread made to help people. One were I'm giving away the item that you are questioning.

Yes I have 494 res all with my Int included (i'm not sure why i wouldnt include that). Without the shield I have 3803 armor. As I pointed out you should pickup Jungle Fortitude if you drop the Shield and probably get the Enchantress. She buffs my armor to 4373 while only slightly reducing my DPS. The buff will go down in 1.05 but so will incoming damage.

I didn't add it to the equipment because its not necessary and I think getting a TOTD is a good goal to have anyway. I didn't want to sacrifice any of the essential stats for Pickup Radius as I see it as more of a bonus.

gl hf
Well I would say you got really lucky when you found it because the cheapest thing I see now anywhere close to your knife is 500,000.

But hey I'm not splitting hairs with you. If it is a 1 million or a 2 million challenge isn't the point.

What let's you finish Act 3 with so-so gear is the fact that you have a lot of experience that other players don't, so you know how to gear yourself.

You also know how the monsters and events play out in the acts, so your experience is what pulled you through, not the gear or the amounts of it you used.

People have to learn how gear works, how to use different skills, and how everything works together. I don't think there is a one solution fits all formula.

I'm just throwing this out there so newbies don't try to change their whole skill/armor setup so they can try what you did and find out it doesn't work for them.
You'll have to update that to the 46c challenge...!
09/25/2012 09:15 PMPosted by skywalkerfx
What let's you finish Act 3 with so-so gear is the fact that you have a lot of experience that other players don't, so you know how to gear yourself.

This is the entire point of the thread. Trying to share what I've learned through playing and reading from different sources. I'm trying to help new players by showing them what will work. As I've stated this is just a build, and not "the build", and I've pointed out places where they can experiment. I'm giving away the gear because I don't need it. I'm explaining my gearing strategy, ability setup, AH strategy, etc.. because I hope it will help someone.

You are a far more experienced WD than I am. If you have something helpful to add, please add it. There are clearly people on these forums asking for help, and I'm trying to help. Thats all.

As for the gear I'm going to leave it on for a day or so until this thread dies and then I'll give it to someone.
I could use a push forward in the dps area for sure. I'd glady buy your 1H'er off of you.

09/26/2012 03:41 AMPosted by Kamahl
I'm explaining my gearing strategy, ability setup, AH strategy, etc.. because I hope it will help someone.

I think you are trying to help people, and I was just trying to point out why others my not be able to do what you did. Kudos to you for helping others.

I hope my comments will help others also.

I'm not looking to sell any of these pieces, but I'd be happy to help you out. It looks like this weapon would only give you about 3k DPS anyway at the cost of probably 7K HP. Make sure that you don't underestimate the value of the base stats on your weapon. I've done that before and moved to a "higher" DPS weapon and actually lost DPS because of the reduction to Int. There are a lot of DPS calculators online that are very helpful for determining the impact of a new weapon or piece of gear.

It looks like you are using the Templar, and a switch to the Scoundrel would give you ~1500dps without any reduction to your HP thanks to his Crit Chance increase. If you prefer the defensive nature of the Templar then try the Enchantress. She will give you Increased Attack Speed to buff your DPS and also an increase to your Armor which will help with your survivability.

Weapons should always be on everyones list of upgrades, but I would suggest looking for some more int on pieces like your shoulders, gloves, and boots. The glove market got hit the hardest in 1.04 from what I can tell so you can actually get some pretty amazing gloves pretty cheaply on the AH.

I'll keep an eye out for good deals on upgrades. Add me in game and I'll do my best to help you out.
Nice to see helpful topics like this. I hit the Act 3 wall and am slowly working my way through it.
First, thanks to OP for trying this out.

It's not on there now, but I was keeping a blue knife with 880 DPS, mana regen, and a socket on the AH and no one buys it. I know it's not great, but the damage alone has to be an upgrade to many players.

Just getting the damage can help you advance, even if you die a lot.

Just like OP said.
INT, 4k armor (w/out shield), All Resists (~500+ with INT bonus), Vit.
Add some life % for more life on shoulders, through a helmet socket, and maybe amulet/rings.
Don't forget STR == more armor. Prices are cheaper on +str items than equivalent +armor items, when STR is a secondary main stat, when say STR is 100 and INT is 200.
Add some crit chance on gloves, rings, amulet, bracers, and/or helmet.
Get some crit damage on your weapon.
Get 12% movement speed boots. Movement speed is IMO, required, although you can certainly live without it. I'm personally still trying to afford 12% more movement on something other than boots.

I would recommend a high average damage 2-hander mace with crit damage and/or socket. What do I mean by 'high average damage'? Look at the base damage of the weapon, e.g. 1200 to 1600, average is (1200+1600) / 2 = 1400. These can get as high as 1999 max damage, but don't underestimate crit damage + socket for over coming a lower average damage.

I recently bought a 500k 2handed mace with ~1225 to 1650 damage, crit damage, 178 INT, and a socket. No one else big on it. Decided to finish inferno with it (rather easily I might add).
I also was able to farm act 3 with a 880 dps knife with crit damage, max mana, mana regen, and a socket, but that was really expensive when I bought it. My offhand mojo had ~100-225 damage, 170 INT, mana regen, life%, and crit chance and was a few hundred thousand.
Great point about the strength on Armor. If you look at the setup that I ended with I actually have 582str. It is important to remember that when you're deciding between two comparable pieces something like +str might seem like a wasted stat, but its really just an armor bonus.
Added, Kamahl.
Hit the wall at the beginning of act 3. Can't seem to kill anything fast enough n they swarm me :P. Just spent like 3 mill on gear lol so you must be doing something better then me. Keep up the good work, its good to know its possible.
Army, your gear is fine for act 2 but it's not surprising you are getting killed act 3. pump the crap out of AR and VIT and ARMOR. you can also go high PR and fire resist and do better.
I am interested in the gear if it is still available. Thanks for the offer either way.
09/26/2012 08:32 PMPosted by ArmyOfOne
Hit the wall at the beginning of act 3. Can't seem to kill anything fast enough n they swarm me :P. Just spent like 3 mill on gear lol so you must be doing something better then me. Keep up the good work, its good to know its possible.

You have some good pieces and I think there are a few simple upgrades that might help you out. I think your Armor, Vitality, and Resistances all need some work. I'd start by upgrading your chest and pants. You should be able to get pieces with Int/Vit/ResAll with +armor for relatively cheap. Keep in mind that this might not boost your DPS at all, but it will keep you alive long enough to kill things. Dont buy anything just yet. Add me in game I'm sure I have some stuff in my stash that could help you out.

I will be giving the gear set away tonite 09/27/12. I'll decide a winner somehow and contact you in game. You don't have to be on tonite to get it, you can pick it up next time we are both on together.
So far Baraal and Boiler are the only ones in the running so your odds are pretty good. Hell and Outlaw have both recently gotten some upgrades so I dont think this would help them out at all, and I'll help Army out with a few pieces that should give him a little boost.
gl hf
Check my gear out and would be awesome if you could give me advice on what to upgrade or w/e?
Can you tell me what kind of problems you are having? With just a quick glance I'd say your defensive abilities are out of balance. You have very high resist all, but your armor and vitality are on the low end of the spectrum. Its very important to balance all 3 in order to achieve maximum efficiency from your gear. You'll get a big boost to survivability if you give up some ResAll for additional Vit and Armor.

I should add that by balance them I mean something like 10000HP for every 1000 Armor and 100 Resist All. It certainly doesnt have to be exactly this but these are a good general guideline.

Let me know what issues your having, and what you would realistically like to achieve and I'll do my best to help you out. gl hf

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