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I kind of feel that with the hellfire ring nerf, they should actually lower the MP requirements to guarantee a drop. Like I totally feel the nerf was justified, but I do feel like forcing people to be super uber badasses to farm a ring that probably won't be anymore is a little bit much. But I don't care either way.
with the nerf, everything including the ring needs to e tradeable, not that they shouldnt have been anyways, but now the ring is not so massively overpowered.
last I saw.. they nerfed the damage to 25k

what is the point of even doing the machine and spending all that time for some cr@p ring?

Granted it was a bit too OP initially ... but should proc for 4x your dps as that would seem to be "fair" .. 25k is a joke. my follower does more damage than that.

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