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Witch Doctor
I may not have much pull in this community, but I know some of you do. I'd appreciate it if anybody with suggestions and constructive criticism would bump up this post with their thoughts on fixing many of the witch doctor skills. I realize many of you feel abandoned with Zbears, lackluster dots, and useless frogs; Please come and post.

Bumpin for the late-nighters
Bump/ If Interested, please join the discussion and offer your insights on skill development. Any constructive thoughts are welcome, thanks you.
Morning Bump
09/29/2012 08:35 AMPosted by ImpKing

You seem confused ImpKing, speak your mind.
09/29/2012 05:48 PMPosted by ImpKing
can i have a tissue?

Used them all, sorry
bump. Sorry, I feel compelled to keep this post up for awhile until we get a good following on the forum. It has done a good job staying up there, surprisingly

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