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What an utterly stupid change, are you people deliberately trying to be obtuse?
posting seeing as i am opening a thread to find my threads
i thought this feature was bugged and would be back where it was. Why would you do such a weird change?
just looking for me old posts
I'll put it in terms you guys can understand, Blizzard. It's the only thing you guys can, apparently.

Take the arrows and double it.

In b4 we get 2 arrows at the bottom and a trollface on top.
I just bookmark my view all posts now.
Most retarded change I've seen lately.
this is a lousy change IMO
Should be an easier way. Maybe an option in our profile
Ignore this post.

Just posting so I can view my posts.
10/10/2012 11:46 PMPosted by Hi5

Very funny...
What the crap, this still hasn't been reverted??? What the hell are they doing?? POINTLESS CHANGE, REVERT PL0X!!!!

I tell you, they have an actual reason that they have chosen to do this.. obviously.. and don't intend to share it with us. Probably because it's a reason that they don't have any intention of defending (or ability to defend). But a rationale, all the same.

And no, there's no actual reason. And you know why? CAUSE THE OTHER FORUMS STILL HAVE THE ARROW!!! GRR
wait.... this is not good, so if i haven't been on for a day or so, i have to search for one of my old posts???
thx to Blizzard, now I am posting a new post in order to view my pervious post

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