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WoW forum has the drop arrow. SC2 forum has the drop arrow. D3 forum does not.

Ball is in your court, Blizzard.
where did the "view posts" button by my name go?
Hello! Is it fixed yet? Please put it back.
YES! The little arrow next to our name at the top is back!

Haven't read about it in the 1.0.5 patch notes... ;-)
A back flip on an unnecessary nerf. Very poorly handled otherwise.
Thank you for fixing that broken link!

Tell that webmaster he can take a nap now if he wants.
Thanks for changing this back, Blizzard.
Okay i cant find the store that lets you buy in game stuff like exp boosts or something. I have tried going to the blizzard cite i have tried going on this cite i have look everywhere. I still cant find it. Can someone help me find the store!

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