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It is less convenient to manually find a thread you've already posted in, the link should move back to where it was because the option to the top right is always visible while threads can come and go too quickly.

I don't understand the logic behind the removal of the option (it was not moved, it was removed) if it was just to trim down the site, why not remove crap no one looks at or uses like that splash screen you see when you click on community... There's absolutely no point in having a link to the forum there, no one uses the community link to get to the forums. Most of the rest could be moved to the media section.

I would like to see the option restored since there is no logical argument one can hold, that could justify the removal of the option. As it stands now, this stunt will be directly responsible for creating a spam increase because people will just post anything anywhere in order to view their old posts.
Why is the D3 team so dedicated on angering and irritating its players? You nerfed and destroyed the game already, so now it's time to do the same on the forums?

Enough's enough.
Come on... So we need to search our own posts to find our own posts???

You can also scroll down where you can reply and hit drop down arrow there. But why not on top anymore? Was this a joke? Who's idea was that lol?

before was better
move it back blizzard... why the hell would you even change it

now its more inconvenient
So is it okay if we use this thread to make posts so that we can click our "View My Posts" button?
Wow, not only is this a bad change, it was a waste of time considering there are more important things to worry about for 1.05...

1)General Chat disconnect
2)DH Grenades falling thru the floor
3)Response for Caltrops nerf
4)Sever bug (And I have one too, don't use it either)
5)IDK from personal experience, but it seems Monks need love
6)Mass ban of bots needed. I'm getting so many spam friend requests from off site vendors.
7)Mass ban of bots needed. Economy needs a reboot.
8)Mass ban of bots needed. General chat scrolls like crazy during peak hours.
9)Mass ban of bots needed. They leach in public games, discouraging people from joining.
10)Mass ban of bots needed. Sure they'll be back in a week, but each time you ban them you also make money...

And also, 1.10...we're still waiting on PvP.

Please worry about the game first, if no one plays that then the nicest forum in the world will still be dead.
If you've been looking for the "View All Posts" option but can't find it, don't panic -- the feature has simply been moved to a new location.

To view your posts, click on the down arrow next to your name in a thread and then on the "View Posts" icon that appears in the fly-out menu. The icon is represented by a small piece of paper and magnifying glass, and is located in between the "View Profile" and "Ignore" options.

Terrible. How can I find my treads using an icon that's contained in a tread that I can't find because the icon that does job is in the thread... Who ever thought up this "enhancement" needs to find a different profession.
Lylirea, it hasn't been "moved." It was in two places before, and now it's in one. That's "deleted," not "moved."

gratz helping ppl understand.
This is bad idea...Why?
Please clarify as to the reason of this change. No one seems to see any good coming out of it, nor any bad thing that stemmed from that arrow being where it was so that it needed changing.

I find it extremely annoying too, please undo this change.
Some people don't post a lot, like every couple of days or so

Sometimes I ask a question and the next day go back and see if i got responses, without the View My Posts option this is really inconvenient.

I'd rather get rid of the arrow by my name down here, and add it back up top
First they make legendaries impossible to find, now they make finding your own posts just as hard..... whats next??
annoying as !@#$
do someone happen to have the URL for all user posts, i don't have the misterious dropdown menu that should contain the paper and the magnifing glass :S
09/27/2012 11:20 AMPosted by Lylirra
If you've been looking for the "View All Posts" option but can't find it, don't panic -- the feature is still available, just in a different location.

Why not keep both arrows at top and bottom?
It's nice added in where you put it, but why take it away from the top as well? Not very helpful, and I hope you consider putting it back.

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