Favorite Torchlight 2 class?

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After having spells deal weapon damage for months, I just had to go with the embermage.

Leveled to level 20.
Prismatic Bolts + Fire Brand + Ice Brand...
Waiting for the level 28 ice skill...

I have not tried other classes yet, but for now -- the embermage is extremely fun.
Teleport ice attack FTW :D

Prismatic bolts are a tad overpowered with fire brand and ice brand -- it procs damage for each of the 5 homing projectiles...

But then again, after normal elite, there's the + difficulty.
I'm playing engineer right now and really liking it so far. I've been focusing on skills for 2 handed weapons, cannons, and bots. I love all of the explosions and body parts flying around - it never gets old!
Playing a sword and board embermage...basicaly tanky with the fire aura and some other stuff stacking vit str and some focus
i like arc beam, freaking disco lights show.
I have a DPS dual-wielding beserker. Very powerful DPS with crap survivability lol

I dug my own grave though with the skills I chose though. Works okay on Veteran but I get DESTROYED if I play on elite.
I've only played the Engineer so far though I've got 3 of them; one for each spec. It's been great fun so far and I'm looking forward to my next class which will be Berserker. I've found a lot of berserker uniques and have them stored in my stash for future use.
I dual wield pistols and love watching mobs explode after a critical hit. Already more addicted to TL2 than I ever was with D3.
Embermage, predominantly using Magma spear and when really surrounded by enemies I break out prismatic bolt. I also use the fire brand to add the extra damage when they're already on fire.

So far to level 37 this has worked out fantastic for me with only about 3 or 4 deaths so far on Veteran difficulty level.

I bounce back and forth between my staff and dual wands. I like the wands as they blast out damage when I run out of mana, where as my staff is only usable as melee damage which I try to avoid for obvious glass cannon reasons, but it does offer me the ability to do more damage with my spells.

Overall a great game and very hard to put down.
I owned veteran new game plus with the Embermage.Frost wave,frost phase,ice prison,ice brand,frozen fate.It's a godly build,the DPS was insane.I'm trying a elite run with a Outlander now.
i'm playing with arc beams, fraeking disco show especially when you tag like those dune burrower larva oh man screen just lights up and numbers fly all over the place and it's a massive bloodbath
zerker here, i am totally addicted to my frenzy bar; once it lights up - that's the signal the meal is served whoever is close to me :D

i'm making a new outlander dual pistol girl to play with my friends who just discovered the game because of me. Having fun on her so far - the execution is sweet ^^ and can't wait for a few more level up to share the buffs. They are already addicted.
The embermage is extremely fun to play. I just beat the game with my embermage and was impressed by their cool tool kit of abilities. I've been playing all the classes and really dig them all, but the mage has ended up being my main. I'm going frost/electricity. The most beastly spell, IMO, is Frost Wave though.

My build is this at 53...
RMB: Frost Wave
q: Shocking Burst
w: Magma Mace
e: Hailstorm
r: Frost Phase
t: Thunder Locus
1: spell (one that gives me bonus elemental damage)
2: whatever
3: Elemental Boon
4: Ice Prison
5: Astral Ally

I use the magma mace only when I need that stun to get away. Then I frost phase to get out of range. I follow that up with Halstorm/Frost Wave against most creatures but for elite type mobs or bosses, I pop astral ally then try to trap them in ice prison, drop thunder locus on them them spam frost wave. It's quite a fun build, requires some skill to get good positioning and is quite beastly for taking down huge groups.
Having a lot of fun with my Rapid Fire Outlander, feels like I'm going Bruce Willis on the baddies. Way more fun than the Demon Hunter's Rapid Fire.
Embermage and Engineer they are awesome
Engineer is the only class I've cleared the game with though I've played each for a little while. I just like the feel of the class mostly due to the bots.

I do have a berserker coming along nicely. Found so many uniques for a berserker that I just had to. The gear I have is so strong with nice stat boosts that it lets me use 2 level 40 weapon, also with nice mods such as +45% execute on each weapon which put me at 100% execute, in the mid teens. One shotting everything and bosses die in a couple hits. Too boring though so I had to stash the gear until later.

Actually haven't played TL2 in a couple days. I picked up a lot of games this weekend from the THQ sale on steam and have been messing with the Dawn of War games.
All of them are my favorite class..

No seriously.. they are all fun in unique ways

I wish i had the ability to play all 4 at once
I'd even make 1-2 of the same class all the way to 100 just to try out different builds
I'm really enjoying the embermage with magma spear for when I line up the enemies in a row and prismatic bolt when I get swarmed by a mass of enemies, works very well.

It's one of the things that I really like about Torchlight 2, I have so many choices of skills that will let me keep moving forward, so far of all the different builds that I've tried for the embermage I've not found myself stuck, and it's a load of fun to try really bizarre builds that I think can't possibly let me continue in the game but so far they have.
I like my embermage (currently L23, just finished Act1). I liked wand specialization for the "bizzare" effects. Adds a lot of dps with all sorts of chaos going on.

When I went to the final area of A1, things were literally exploding all over the place. At times, it was insane.

I tried an outlander for a bit, but didn't fall in love with any skills -- in fact, went 15 levels without allocating one.
Outlander has been my class of choice so far...level 65 in hardcore elite NG+

Tried the other classes to level 20 and I haven't had a complaint yet.
Engi ftw

Im lvl 93 in ng++ forcefield to stay alive and flame hammer for explode everything

69hs played

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