Two questions

Lore and Story
Hello, while listening to my CE soundtrack dvd I've asked myself how exactly did Baal get his huge army after he had gotten the soulstone from Marius and I honestly can't figure it out. The World-stone was still working, so were they all out there somewhere? He couldn't call the armies from Hell.

Then, why did it take 20 years to make all-out attack and send forth all the legions from Mt. Arreat again? Firstly thought that Azmodan and Belial factions kept fighting each other, but that wouldn't work out in post D2 timeline because both of them seemed to be working together. If not, then why did Ghom accuse the hero from killing lord Belial if he had been his master and ally all along.

I love Diablo games. I'm just asking for my own knowledge.

Very rare….the plans of demons are a true mystery….
The first question is answered in the Book of Cain

The second question is what Diablo III: The Order is based around.

The lore is great, go read the books, they're awesome.

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