Rate the Monk Above You Part 3

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First start off with getting weapons with crit damage and a os, with life on hit if possible cuz u never can go wrong with loh also. That right therew will bring your dps up drastically. another thing try and aquire more vit on some of your items to where you can have all emeralds in your gear which will also increase your dps.

i have roughly 510 resis i wanna say and with the overall dps and loh i sustain pretty damn well in act3. As well try and get items with attack speed this raises dps very well and makes the game feel much better to play in my opinion. As well as stacking crit damage and crit chance!

So basically u are 100% headed in the right direction, Step1 upgrade those weapons. Than slowly upgrade one piece at a time with the suggestions i gave above.

Your skills and passives are looking good also, maybe instead of blinding flash try seven sided strike, as u seven sided strike you dont take any damage its a ez escape route in many perdicaments an deals GREAT DAMAGE!

hope this helps dude jus one step at a time

what does a skorn like that go for?!?!? My attack speed is high an still need it on both rings an ammy so skorn may be useful

i'm guessing ur in a middle of a build as u have 1 shenlongs fist and not the other, nice fist tho, too bad no socket, other weapon abit out dated,

U've got a similar build in some parts to me, going for iAS, i have quite abit tho:D DPS is average maybe above average

Honestly, i dont like ice climbers, never have and don't know why ppl go for it. won't normal boots do similar?

ur jewels are a bit out of date but i'm sure u're just waiting for next patch to buy.

thats an almost good glove, glove gives up to 300dex, ur not make any use of that point at all.:(

Over all, not bad i'd say, 6/10 :D maybe all up worth 2-300m?

Please rate me and give me a price on my gear too!
@yoyoz ur dps way overbuffed


good attack speed
@easter nice critical dmge
I would get rid of the shoulders,loose the intelligence and have it with life %.
need more attack speed.Other then that ur character great
Good budget tank monk. I'm sure you know what needs to be upgraded but you'll need more all res to add to the cold res you currently have.
@ boss

nice monk, you can start working on your jewelry. the rest looks solid
I really can't think of any small upgrade as ur gear is nice overall and any upgrade worth consider would probably cost a fortune. Ur DPS is good enough atm, so I think u should work on ur HP, 26k is pretty low imo.

Great gear/build. Lots of nice gear. Gloves and Bracers could use upgrading, but otherwise everything looks good.
@Mettle Interesting skill set, judging by your gear you would probably have problems with spirit regeneration and damage mitigation for not all (but certain) elites. Your EHP is ok, but for 2h I would expect a little more.

Impressive sustain / survivability. Only a few such as you and I have gone the route of all resist instead of utilizing OWE to compensate. Very nice all resist inna's as well.

And to top it off, you have some nice dps to accompany it. Great monk.

Just a suggestion. A slight boost to your HP (35 - 40k range) will help a lot in higher MP levels.

I am very impressed with your build it is extremely unique.

1. Great resist, told OWE to go #$% itself
2. I count 2200+ LoH w/ gem + ~400 LPS + 147k HP

As with all tank builds the only obvious area of improvement is DPS

I'm guessing this will be your pvp monk in which case I am extremely impressed

Well Done sir

Holy HP batman! 17th most HP in the WORLD (sorry, with that much HP I just had to look it up :) Thats a sick tank monk you got there. I've never seen so much vitality before. I do like the Hallowed set, and I really like your ice climbers. The fact that you have that much all resist and you don't have to use OWE is very cool, not many like that. Well done overall. Just out of curiosity, with that build do you tend play in groups mostly, or solo?

Damned man, that is the ideal set I wanna work towards someday. Can't seem to quite hit the 60k mark for DPS even, and I'm wondering where and how I can work towards a comfortable 70k at least =/

I honestly can't see the fault in your monk since its one I want to reach someday. Good !@#$ there.


Thanks! I would say you have a great base for your monk. A few things, and these are just my opinions (take them for what they're worth) First, it looks as if you have ~850 or so resists, so I would think you could stand to drop a little and swap it out for added dex/vit/etc. One place would maybe be a ring, as in just keep one of the resistances and add more dex/IAS/CC/CD. Another thing to look at on your rings and amulet is Min/Max Damage and Average Damage, as they add a good amount of DPS to your character. Another area you could look to improve(and this is more of some upgrades to do later probably) would be to try to add more crit chance to your rings, gloves, bracers, helm and amulet. Some of those might be a bit pricey, and some may not be. Just keep an eye out in the AH and be patient.

Overall, solid looking monk though

Pretty solid gear. Looks like you have some room for more vit. Your left ring could be upgraded for pretty cheap to Avg damage, dex, vit, FR, attack speed, and crit chance. That will give you a few k higher dps pretty easy and increase your ehp.
@YOUniverse....very nice monk you have there at ~99k DPS. You could add a little more CC to a couple items, but with the dex on those items it would make it super pricey. 9-9.5/10

I usually raise my HP quite a bit with my helm, but through a topaz in there earlier when i was just farming around. Right now I dont have any problems farming on 1.0.4 at the current HP. And thanks for the suggestion on the ring...I was kind of thinking about waiting until 1.0.5 to upgrade it and my amulet though, just dont know if I can sit on my gold for that long :)

From what I can tell not a bad crit monk, but has room for improvement. I don't know much about crit monks since I chose not to go down that path, but it appears your shoulders, belt, and bracers could all be improved relatively cheaply - providing more armor, dex, and resistance. Like I said idk much about crit so idk if 5.5 is the max for bracers or not, that might limit you a little more if it is.

Looking ahead at 1.0.5, if Seize is reduced to 50% I would think your armor would take a huge hit going from 5900, to just under 5000. So this may or may not be a concern in the patch.

Nice IAS monk. You rely on 1000 LPS regen for all of your sustain. LoH sacles with Attack speed so you could really benefit from adding loh to your rings or ammy even 6-800 LoH will do wonders for your survivability

Awesome dps. I'd honestly swap out Stone of Jordan for a ring that adds vit and resistance. the added damage to fists of thunder is nice, but really not necessary. dps is great, but your health can be bumped up a bit. You should also be able to easily find a pair of gloves with higher dex and crit dmg.

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