issue with Diablo III internet goes down

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When I am playing Diablo III on my iMac 27" (2011) with Mac OS X 10.6.8 my network Diagnostics app shows ISP, Internet, and Server go red and it goes down at different times during the day when I am playing the game. The Airport, Airport Settings, and Network Settings stay green.

What is going on with my Internet and the settings? Can you guys help me? I have tried everything I can think of. I know all lot of technical and computer knowledge. And I like to figure it out on my own.

So, please help me.
The only times I've seen something like this happen is when you have a router that needs a firmware update, or the router/modem/residential gateway is faulty.

Have you've tried a simple power cycle of all network devices to see if it helps at all?

Also, are you wireless or connected to the network with an Ethernet cable?

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