Worst Item On Monk Above You!

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@nightbringer - I would say your main hand weapon.

Your profile. :P
@Schadenfreud lol oops. fixed
@boonz, your neck. Cmon man, where is the trifecta. L2P ;)

Prolly your chest since you can stand to give up some vit for dex

I guess your bracers and gloves, mine as well get some vitality in there.
10/03/2012 09:31 AMPosted by Amiar
@boonz, your neck. Cmon man, where is the trifecta. L2P ;)

He wont be yawning come 1.05.
wow your year !!!! the only thing i dont like and i think the worst is your gloves !
hey guys I'm worried that my monk wont be able to farm act 1 inferno..please help me with my gear :(
@noki I would say your shield, some AR would improve it for you, but far better stuff than me.
@yzee All I can suggest is that if you are going to use One With Everything that you focus on 1 resist and go with that. Your total stats and items are way better than mine but I probably survive because of the ton of Lightning resist I stack for One With Everything.

Looks like a pretty decent, tanky MF Monk, if I had to pick an item that wasn't that good on your Monk, I would have to say the Strategem Ring. It could definitely be upgraded
I feel like I need to be in on this thread, if only for the lulz, so ...

@PJ: Probably your wrists, but only because everything else is so awesome. Kinda hard to pick!
wow your year !!!! the only thing i dont like and i think the worst is your gloves !

Thanks and I agree. Have not been able to find gloves though with 220 dex, some vit, IAS, and CChance worth getting yet.

@vrkhyz Weapon with a socket or w/ crit dmg.

Your Monk is obviously still work in progress, so criticism or any other kind of lulz will be undeserved. My pick for the next piece of gear you should look into upgrading would be your bracers.

* Sorry for posting second time in the same thread, but I got skipped couple of pages ago.

Edit: Oh, good grief, Ballzy! Get out of this thread, dude! You don't belong here! (%

I see you have a work in progress but the chest is by far the one id replace first.

I would replace some of your vit with crit chance and boost your dps. Your resist is right where it needs to be for your damage output.

Rings that have crit chance and attack speed are farely cheap.
currentking, kinda hard to say, all pretty top notch but i guess the ammy, doesnt look like you need the loh so could probably be improved with a trifecta one

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