Item lost while attempting "Naked Lust"

Bug Report
In order to accomplish this particular achievement it seems necessary to bring Cydaea down to very low health and then unequip all of your items before you finish her off. The problem that occurred for me is that I died to her spiderlings while attempting to unequip my boots in a single player game. The item dropped to the ground after my death. After respawning and returning to the boss battle to find the boots, they were gone. I understand it is unlikely I will have those boots restored to me, if this is at all possible I would be very excited of course because they were a quite costly pair of zunimassa's(the newer ilvl 63 ones). Just wanted to bring this to the attention of a Blizzard employee so this doesn't happen to someone else. I would think it prudent to either do away with an achievement that might involve unequiping items in this fashion during a boss encounter or to have items that end up on the ground during a boss battle stay there if the boss encounter must be reloaded because of death. Huge Blizzard and Diablo fan here, thanks for your time.
I was trying to get Naked Lust Achievement and had her down to a sliver of life and went to corner to take off armor. Storm Crow Helm, Tal Rasha's Amulet(Vitality Flawless Star), Zunimassa's Pox and Morrow with 3 Flawless Star Topaz and a Flawless Star Emerald, Tasker and Theo and a Vile Ward. If the little spider had not killed me, I would have taken it all off. I thought at respawn I would be able to pick it back up, but it was not there! Please help! So distressed.
Heard similar in the General Discussion forum... I did it with my barb, wore only like 3 items, got her to a sliver n took em off just b4 my follower got her and got the achieve...

At least keep ur weapon equipped and some life regen items until you get her down to near death, then unequip them and MAKE SURE u have plenty of inventory space for all ur stuff!

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