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All gear that is currently on my DH is for sale for all those who have asked. Add me in game if you are not currently on my friends list - Nikki#6469.
whats the prices?
Hi Nikki, how much will you be selling your FATE CABAL ring?
Hey, how much for your Manticore and Quiver?
No prices have been set - I do have offers but haven't sorted them out yet.

Sorry kraVen, seansky and the others who sent friend requests.....it would only let me add the first couple of requests. Feel free to try again.
So you are quitting!
No Jas, not quitting.....yet
Making a new class?
Nope, will tty later tonight :-)
Hey sorry was afk when you msged me, will catch you again later on in the day when im back on.
Want to put it out there, a big thanks to Nikki for lending me a couple of her pieces off her DH. Trusting person she is, big thumbs up. Now I can farm around a bit on Act2/3 for a bit until she wants her stuff back.

How much for manti, or any of the nats pieces?
@ kyo.....pleasure - hope you enjoyed watching me get melted in A3 lol. Thanks for leaving me to kill azmo ...both of you :P
ill sell all my gear for the right price.currently shoots out 280k with ss.
ill sell all my gear for the right price.currently shoots out 280k with ss.

Thanks for the offer, but only looking for high dex/vit deadmans, double sock manticore, witching hour or high dex nat's sets
All gear except Manti is now available
How much for Nat's boots and ring?
u still got nats embrace????? add me dynamo #6130

Dynamo she isn't selling anything anymore. That was 2 months ago.. lol

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